Tom Williams Farewells The Jungle.

Tom Williams Farewells The Jungle.

Tonight all of the celebrities were spilling the tea.

Nicole Kidman might be out and about promoting her new film Bombshell, but resident camp blabbermouth Rhonda Burchmore dropped a bombshell of her own about the Aussie actress.

Speaking to the jungle group the screen queen suggested Nicole isn’t that friendly. Whilst admitting she was beautiful, Rhonda heard along the grapevine that she was difficult to work with on the set of the 2008 film, Australia.

Burchy continued to dish the dirt on her various celebrity encounters, including one rowdy night she spent with British actor Colin Firth. Apparently there were lots of laughs, lots of booze and the rest is well, for Rhonda to know and us to never find out.

It wasn’t just Rhonda spilling the celebrity tea though. Myf Warhurst revealed to Tom Williams that she once went on a date with Stone Gossard from Pearl Jam.

She explained that Stone tracked her down and left her a voicemail requesting to have dinner with her. She maintains that it was one of the weirdest experiences of her life and went on to say that two years after their date, Stone came in for an interview and had no recollection of who she was.

Perez had the camp gripped with his tales from inside Kim Kardashian and Kanye’s lavish 2014 wedding.

Apparently Kimye made all the guests hand in their phones prior to entering and the catering was off the chain. Like with Lady Gaga, Perez touched on how Hollywood and fame has changed Kimmy K.

With January 26 just around the corner, a robust debate took place in camp over the topic of Australia Day. Unlike previous seasons, there were no clashing of opinions. Myf, Tom, Dale Thomas and Miguel Maestre unanimously agreed that the date should be changed to acknowledge all Australians.

Tonight’s trial was shocking…no we mean it was literally shocking. As in we had electrodes zapping our celebs.

Perez, Dale, Miguel and Cosentino may have won nine stars…but it didn’t come without tears.

Like Tom Williams, Dale is petrified of snakes. So naturally, we made him stick his head in a box filled with the slithering suckers. And he smashed it.

Later in the show, Dr. Chris Brown and Julia Morris announced that TV presenter Tom Williams was the fifth celebrity to be voted out of the jungle.

Entering the jungle as a self-proclaimed ophidiophobic, Tom walks away from this experience a changed man.

After freaking out during an in-camp snake demonstration, in which Tom came face-to-face with the notorious black mamba, Tom pulled a ‘2016 Shane Warne’ and courageously touched the critter.

One snake was fine, but when Australia nominated him to partake in the trial, Bad Breath, Tom’s big beautiful blue eyes filled with tears. He contemplated backing-out from reaching inside a snake-filled box, but ultimately mustered up the bravery to put his hand through the hole. His reaction to smashing the challenge and confronting his phobia was euphoric.

Speaking of watery eyes, Tom had host Dr Chris Brown literally ROFL’ing during the nauseating tucker trial, Oh.My.Gob. Downing a ‘rot dog’ made up of blended stomach lining, impala spleen and earthworms, Tom’s gag face will live in the twitter-sphere for years to come.

As a reward for his heroic efforts in the snake trial, Tom was elected as camp master and was treated to a deluxe bed, a menu filled with treats, and Cosentino at his beck and call.

If there was one thing Tom was more afraid of than snakes, it was of fellow TV star Charlotte Crosby. Tom came under fire on two occasions when he went up against the outspoken Brit. When discussing Charlotte’s work and a future trip to Australia, Tom made an assumption it was to come out and party and she felt judged by him. When he opted to extend his relaxed camp chore of tending to the firewood, dish-scrubber Charlotte called him out for being lazy and made him swap with her.

Tune in Sunday night see Ryan, Charlotte and Perez compete in our third instalment of Superhero Sunday, and another unlucky celebrity bids farewell to camp life for good.