Tom Farewells Big Brother

No surprises here as Australia gets rid of another Intruder

After entering the house 17 days ago, the newbie Housemate with heart, 26-year-old Tom from New South Wales, was evicted from the Big Brother House .

On stage with host Sonia Kruger, Tom said: “I was in the House for a good time and I wanted to hang out with people I liked, and that’s what I did.” Tom also talked to Sonia about his “bromance” with Ryan, and said he would still be happy to catch up with Ryan for a beer on the outside, even though Ryan nominated him.

Sonia also asked Tom about his relationship with Skye, or lack of, and he simply said: “She’s young and immature.”

 Also Travis was faced with a Power Play conundrum but overcame it quickly by choosing the smallest piece of his mum’s famous lasagne, giving him the chance to ask Aisha two questions via Sonia Kruger. Travis asked if Aisha would be moving to Melbourne, and she responded with an excited yes. Travis also asked who the top three Housemates were on Sportsbet. Aisha told him it was Ryan, Skye and him.

With Tom gone, Leo, Ryan, Penny, Richard and Skye are back in the hands of the Australian public for one more night and will be hoping viewers spend up big  voting to save them from being ejected from the House.


Tune in to Big Brother tonight at 8.40pm on Channel Nine.


Call the numbers below to save your favourite Housemates:


Leo                  1902 55 95 17

Ryan                1902 55 95 13

Penny              1902 55 95 20

Richard            1902 55 95 04

Skye                1902 55 95 15



To save your favourite Housemate, text one of their names to 199 55 999, only one name by SMS at a time.