Recipe to Riches finds it’s Breakfast champion

Recipe to Riches finds it’s Breakfast champion

Baked Beans for Breakfast anyone?

This week Recipe To Riches focused on the breakfast category, which turns over more than $2 billion a year and features 500 brands fighting for the attention of shoppers.

Last night’s episode featured Ricardo’s Mild & Smokey Ranchero Beans, Heather Anschau’s Bare Necessities Sunrise Sundae and David Bryant’s Close To No Fat Banana Bread.  “These baked beans take me back to my home country to a time where I would eat beans for breakfast, lunch and dinner,” says Ricardo, from Melbourne, who moved to Australia from El Salvador 25 years ago at the height of the country’s civil war.

“I’m over the moon,” says Ricardo. “I never thought I would get this far but it’s a dream come true. One of the things I’ve learnt during this whole process is to be Latin and proud, like the packaging, which boldly states my heritage.”

As a category winner, Ricardo pockets $10,000 and now has the chance to win $100,000 and a business partnership with Woolworths in the Grand Final.

 Recipe to Riches airs 7:30 PM Tuesday on Ten.