Time’s Up as the Hunt Begins

Time’s Up as the Hunt Begins

In the season premiere of Hunted, 10 fearless teams embarked on a heart-stopping challenge, striving to avoid capture for 21 days armed with only $300 and an overnight bag.

The Fugitives are on a mission to outsmart the formidable Hunters, led by The Chief, legendary former Detective Superintendent Dr. David Craig. Ultimately, the race was soon over for Cath and Kel, whose Where’s Wally taunt led the Hunters directly to their seemingly safe haven.

Earlier, Team Cyber were laser focussed on infiltrating the Fugitives’ electronic devices. Discovering booby traps set by gamer duo Ben and Callum, a new target was set. Meanwhile, the Hunters struck gold when they cracked open Glenn and Taylah’s vulnerable Melbourne network, intercepting messages from their contact, NRL player Jayden Nokorima. It was a race against time as the Hunters gained crucial insights into the Fugitives’ intricate plans.

Lifelong friends Cath and Kel unleashed their audacious taunting tactics, provoking HQ with Where’s Wally pictures sent via Facebook. Little did they know that their risky move inadvertently led the Hunters directly to a close confidant who had been secretly plotting to aid the dynamic duo. Unbeknown to Cath and Kel, Georgina’s seemingly secure home in Prahran, was soon cornered by relentless Hunters, and their race was over. 

Team Alpha set their sights on Glenn and Taylah in Bendigo, tracking down the van they used in their escape. Their investigation led them to question Gary, the associate who had been assisting the fugitive pair. Armed with a list of cars registered to Gary’s house, Team Alpha launched into a high-speed chase, fixated on a Chevrolet that holds the potential to uncover the elusive Fugitives. However, it turned out to be a dead end, providing a temporary setback for the Hunted HQ team.

But the biggest gamble of all came from the daring siblings Byron and Tanase, who staged the first-ever live taunt in a buzzing inner suburbs bar, within arm’s reach of three Ground Hunter teams. The suspense was palpable as the clock ticked away, leaving everyone wondering if this brother and sister team would be captured next.

With 19 days remaining and 18 Fugitives still on the run, the question remains: who will continue to evade capture?


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