The Rush is on in Irland

The Rush is on in Irland

Team Navy, Team Gold and Team Scarlet have been dropped into the chaos of the St Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin Ireland, home to the biggest St Patricks Day in the world. Over 450,000 people flock to the streets to participate in the festivities every year. But before they can track down David Genat “DG”, they must first find two classic Irish items, a live Shamrock, and a pint of Guinness – but here’s the trick, they have no money. All three teams must rely on the help and generosity of the locals. Once teams find these classic Irish items, they must find DG at the famous Molly Malone statue where they’ll receive their dossier.

Team Navy is quick to track down a pint of Guinness and a live shamrock when they enlist the help of a kind Irish local. Team Gold is hoping they can use Lola’s flirting skills to gain a free pint in a local pub, and Team Scarlet stumble across a friendly local who offer them a

can of Guinness – only trouble is they must arrive to DG with a fresh pint bought from a pub. Quickly realising this, the boys crack open the Guinness anyway and make their way to a pub.

Team Navy is quick to find DG while Scarlet track down a shamrock and a pint. It’s absolute chaos and Team Scarlet interrupt Team Navy. Team Scarlet is hopeful they’ve found a live shamrock, only to be rejected by DG and sent back on their way. But second times a charm, when the boys go searching again in a garden bed and track down a real live shamrock. Team Gold is feeling lucky when they stumble across a local wearing a shamrock pinned to his chest and grab one to deliver to DG. Finally with Team Navy sent on their way, Team Scarlet and Team Gold are briefed by DG at the famous Molly Malone statue and receive their dossiers.

Teams need to head three hours Southwest to County Cork, home to one of the world’s largest natural harbours, second only behind Sydney. Cork is known for being the food capital of Ireland. The teams must check into the lovely Hayfield Manor. Opting for the bus, Team Scarlet is the first to leave Dublin and first to arrive to the hotel check in. Meanwhile Team Navy and Team Gold opt for the train, with team Navy losing their lead when they waste time getting to the train station. When Team Navy realise that Team Gold is right on their tails, they decide to use their time wisely, and enlist the help of a local train guard Ian, who orders them a taxi to take them straight to Hayfield Manor. This pays off as Team Navy come in second place, and Team Gold arrive in last when they struggle to find a taxi at Cork


It’s day two in Cork, and teams must make their way to the historical 15th century Blarney Castle. Tasked with finding and kissing the Blarney Stone, approximately 400,000 visitors kiss the stone every year. Legend says the stone became associated with giving the “Gift of the Gab” after clever words stopped Queen Elizabeth I from taking the Castle herself.

Team Scarlet are first out the gates to get to the castle. Swiftly breezing through the mission and kissing the stone, the boys have now received the “Gift of the Gab” and will need to use their newfound skill to convince a local to drive them all the way to the Escape Zone at the Cliffs of Moher. Struggling at first, Team Scarlet is lucky to meet local elder Noreen, who agrees to take them.

Second to the mission is Team Navy, who are keen to make up for lost time today. Once completing the mission, the team struggle to get anyone to stop on the side of the road – they’re worried they’re losing precious time as Team Gold could be right on their tail!

Meanwhile, Team Gold finally arrives to Blarney Castle, only to be stuck behind the midday rush. After waiting through the long line, a reluctant CK is preparing to pucker up for the germ ridden stone and sanitises his lips almost immediately after his quick pash. Now with the mission completed, Team Gold have caught up to Team Navy, who are still struggling to locate a free ride to the Escape Zone.

With both teams on an even playing field, it’s anyone’s race to make it to the Escape Zone in second place and escape elimination. Deciding they need a new tactic, Sofia starts to knock on the doors of strangers’ houses, hoping a local will be generous enough to help – and it seems the luck of the Irish are with them when someone agrees!

Meanwhile, tensions rise between CK and Lola as they struggle to locate a free ride. Finally encountering a lovely local called Rose, the team set off to Cork, only managing to blag part of the way to the Escape Zone.

After a lovely car ride with local Noreen, Team Scarlet is the first to arrive to the majestic Cliffs of Moher and are stoked to find out they’ve come first when they see DG.

Now the race is neck and neck between Team Navy and Team Gold. But as Team Gold arrive to Cork, still hours away from the Cliffs of Moher, Team Navy arrives to the Cliffs, and find DG to discover they’re in second place. As Team Gold board a bus to the Cliffs of Moher, they receive a watch message revealing they’re in last place and will be transported to a local pub where their fate will be determined.

Once Team Gold arrive, DG explains that one member of Team Gold must go home. To determine who goes home will come down to a game of Rush Roulette. After CK and Lola pick their flares, in an emotional goodbye, it is Lola who is sent home!


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