Time runs out on a MasterChef Dream

Time runs out on a MasterChef Dream

Nobody wants to be the first person eliminated from the MasterChef Australia kitchen – all 24 returning contestants are back to win, but tonight someone had to go

For most, the pressure was on because everybody was up for elimination. Everyone, that is, except Callum, who won immunity from this elimination. Callum was not the only person that could be safe, Dani had the option to use her Immunity Pin – the only pin up for grabs this season. In a shock to the contestants, Dani decided to take a risk and cook.

As the contestants entered the MasterChef kitchen they found a gift from Gordon Ramsay – the gift of time. Finding a stopwatch with 90 minutes on it, there were two rounds with the contestants having a total of 90 minutes to cook in both rounds.

After an epic first round of amazing cooking, Chris, Courtney, Lynton, Hayden and Rose had to cook again in the elimination round.

Lynton used his remaining 44 minutes left over from round one to make blue swimmer crab, buckwheat and grilled asparagus taking a risk with his adventurous flavour combinations. But the risk didn’t pay off with the judges disappointed finding the whole dish very confusing.

It was a surprising and emotional farewell for Lynton who being such an experienced cook, had been smashing it out of the park so far in the competition.

But it’s the smallest detail that will send you home in a competition filled with returning chefs who are at the top of their game.