The Secrets She Keeps Review

The Secrets She Keeps Review

10 has had a pretty good track record with Australian drama, but will newbie The Secrets She Keeps join the hit list?

The Secrets She Keeps focuses on two different women – there’s expectant mummy blogger Meghan (Jessica de Gouw The Hunting), who appears to have it all with the perfect life and two perfect kids; and then there’s mum-to-be Agatha (Laura Carmichael Downtown Abbey), who lives alone, works in a supermarket and hasn’t told her baby daddy Hayden (Michael Sheasby A Place to Call Home), a sailor on active duty, that she’s expecting.

Although Angela reads about Meghan’s perfect life portrayed in her blog posts, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Her husband Jack (Michael Dorman Wonderland) lacks intimacy and would rather spend time with his best mate Simon (Ryan Corr Love Child), while her inbox is filled with creepy cyber threats.

When the two strike up a conversation, it all seems innocent enough. However, things are about to get darker than Angela could have expected.

The pilot, written by Sarah Walker (Lambs of God), quickly established the plot and keeps a clear focus on the key characters in a tight and gripping script that holds your attention until its final moments. Casting-wise, there isn’t a bad performance in sight, with Jessica and Laura clearly given a chance to shine with their complex characters.

Director Catharine Millar uses the Sydney skyline to give the show a more contemporary feel, helping us to invest quicker.

Everyone has secrets but The Secrets She Keeps has a few surprised and twists you won’t see coming. It’s the new Aussie drama you won’t want to miss.

4 Stars

The Secrets She Keeps premieres on Wednesday, 22 April at 8:45pm on 10.