Tim finally splits the lovebirds

Tim finally splits the lovebirds

Tonight on Big Brother, the housemates woke up to an unwelcome surprise, with hackers taking complete control of the house.

While wreaking havoc and taking away the food supplies, the hackers gave Tim a secret mission to complete with a housemate of his choice. After Tim and Aleisha successfully completed the mission, they were rewarded with KFC for lunch and video recording of Drew and Joel’s secret pact.  

Tim exposed Drew’s secret dealings to his alliance, confirming Estelle’s worst fears.  

At night, the hackers treated the housemates to a special dinner in return of answers to some really awkward questions. Later, Estelle was voted as the new Head of House.

Then, when Jules took out the nominations challenge, she helped out Estelle by nominating Drew for eviction along with Sam and Aleisha. While the royalty wanted Drew gone, mastermind Tim turned the tables to keep his bestie in the game.

During the eviction ceremony, Tim stuck to his guns, saving Drew and splitting up the lovebirds once and for all by sending Sam home.  

“I feel happy that Drew’s in there because honestly the thought of him leaving and me staying was getting the better of me. I’ll miss him, but I hope that he does what I was going to do: take down the ultimate player of the game, Tim”, Sam said.


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