The Celebs Are Ready to Party

The Celebs Are Ready to Party
Celebrity Apprentice - 208

For this next task Lord Sugar wishes to put our celebrities’ attention to detail to the test; as in business, the devil is in the detail. For this task our teams are to operate their own events management company – each to run either a successful bucks or hens event. Sounds easy, right? Here’s the kicker…the winner of the task will be judged based on their ability to successfully complete their various agreements, and deliver on their contractual obligations. Correct, this is not as fun as throwing a wild party. As the winner of the last task, Amy Shark gets to sit this one out and has the power to select the Project Managers for each team, and which event they will host.

For Innovate Amy selects Jean as project manager, operating the hens party; and Ronnie as the PM for Collaborate, tasked with delivering a successful bucks party.

As planning for the event gets underway it becomes clear Jean and Darren have very different approaches to planning. As Darren is the entertainment manager Jean would really love to see a run sheet for the day to make sure they fulfil all their obligations. Darren on the other hand prefers to wing it. Over at Collaborate it’s clear Ronnie doesn’t understand the importance of the contracts in this task…good thing his buddy Beck is there to steer him in the right direction and point out this oversight. It might help if he had spent less time concentrating on what Turia was doing as venue manager!

It’s party time! As the bucks and hens arrive and the parties are in full swing the importance of organisation and reading your contract comes into play! Team Innovate struggles to keep their hens fed and watered, and Team Collaborate might have a man overboard! Team Innovate’s entertainment manager Darren gets caught up ‘winging it’ failing to leave enough time for contracted entertainers, and safety becomes an issue on Collaborate’s vessel.

With the task finished the teams enter the board room…and thanks to Beck pointing out the importance of the contracts in this task Team Collaborate have a stunning defeat, with Innovate failing to correctly complete and deliver on all bar one of their contracts for the event. Lucky for Turia, who continues to be in Ronnie’s hit list.

In the end, Jean takes Darren and Carla into the boardroom and the decision is that Carla has grown as much as she can in the process.


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