Tim and Kyle Smash My Kitchen Rules Record

After Bek and Ash’s history making lowest score ever on Sunday My Kitchen Rules promised another record would be broken and it was..

Tim & Kyle from South Australia called their restaurant The Boys Backyard, Teams were expecting blokey food but it became clear Tim and Kyle were a bit more sophisticated then that. The entree of  tuna ceviche with puffed wild rice, avocado puree and wasabi mayonnaise was perfect according to the judges. Even the ever critical Tyson enjoyed it so you know its a hit.

the main dish of spice kangaroo with weed salad and beetroot and walnut puree had the judges in heaven

“That weed salad was a masterstroke, that was genius and the sauce, well, if the Frenchman likes it you know it’s good,” Pete said

“Very impressive. Very, very impressive,” said Manu. “Again it was just the perfect dish and I’m so happy to be sitting down at this table tonight.”

Dessert was a  Key Lime Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream which unfortunately  too salty tart base and slightly-icey icecream. but the hiccup didn;t effect the boys too much when it came to scoring.

Teams: 44/50
Pete: Entrée 10/10; Main 10/10; Dessert 8/10
Manu: Entrée 10/10; Main 10/10; Dessert 8/10
Overall Score: 100/110

The score means Tim & Kyle have just smashed the record to become the highest scoring team in MKR history!