Bek and Ash Make MKR History

Last night My Kitchen Rules kicked off its record-breaking week, but it wasn’t in a positive way.

The food gods were not smiling at Bek and Ash’s music festival restaurant Wild Fields. After failing to manage their time correctly it was evident the girls would be in for a shocker. The simple mistakes started when the entree of: Roasted Vegetable Tart with Balsamic Glaze which had way too much garlic for Manu.

The main of: Goldband Snapper with Fennel, Fig and Pear Salad didn’t fair much better with the girls having to cook batch after batch of fish. Each team was given a small portion of fish and undressed salad.

the girls can’t hold back her tears as Pete says, “Wow. I don’t think ever had a dish like this in the competition. You girls are intelligent and passionate, but I don’t know what’s going on tonight. The fish is overcooked, the salad wasn’t dressed.” Manu says

You made it so complicated for yourself,” “There’s a huge element of stress…your brain is fried and you don’t know what to do.”.

Choosing to not give up the girls served up  Profiteroles with Orange Custard and Chocolate Sauce for dessert.

Pete is a little kinder about their dessert noting it was the best dish of the night but Manu is still not impressed – and neither are their fellow contestants who give the girls a score of 17. The judge wasn’t holding back either with Manu and Pete handing out the following scores.

Pete: Entrée 1/10; Main 1/10; Dessert 3/10
Manu: Entrée 1/10; Main 1/10; Dessert 2/10

Combining the scores gives the girls a grand score of 26 the lowest in My Kitchen Rules history.

The record-breaking week of My Kitchen Rules continues tonight at 7:30 pm on Seven