Three Votes And Gone In The Most Shocking Tribal Council Ever

Three Votes And Gone In The Most Shocking Tribal Council Ever

Tonight’s episode of Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains took us to the edge of our seats, as we watched the most epic gameplay of the season unfold. Excuse me while I pick my jaw up from the floor.

At the Immunity Challenge, Gerry returned back to the Heroes after his mission in the opposing Tribe. He clearly made the right choice, as the Heroes were too strong in the brutal challenge and sent the Villains back to Tribal Council with less numbers than ever before.

Back at Villains camp, Simon thought he had the numbers to take out the King. However, Jordie decided to tell George and Liz about Simon’s hidden “cookie” Immunity Idol – betraying Simon and taking the game in a new direction.

At the intense Tribal Council, host Jonathan LaPaglia, had a surprise Immunity Challenge up his sleeve, where the Villains had a chance to fight for their safety. Simon worked his magic and won individual immunity, which sent George into planning mode, whispering and scheming with the others.

The Villains returned to Tribal Council, where there was a volatile scramble of secret meetings, bombshells, deception and brilliant game play. George pressured Simon to play his Idol for Stevie, but after some inner turmoil, Simon did not. King George then singlehandedly manipulated the Tribal Council, where alliances and friendships were made clear.

As the gameplay unfolded, the sixth person voted off Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains was the castaway caught in the most outrageous crossfire the season had ever seen, Fraser.


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