Married At First Sight Commitment Ceremony Drops a Truth Bomb

Married At First Sight Commitment Ceremony Drops a Truth Bomb

With the experiences and challenges of Confessions Week behind them, it’s the morning of the first Commitment Ceremony. Tonight, our newly married couples will reveal to each other, as well as the Experts, whether they will decide to stay with their partner in the experiment for another week, or leave their marriage for good.

As some couples are ready to share the success of their marriages, others are in crisis mode and can’t wait to meet with others in the experiment for some much-needed feedback and advice in making their decisions. However Lyndall has decided to stay behind and skip the deliberations as she holds a secret that she must reveal at tonight’s Commitment Ceremony.

After a few couples previously headed out for a night on the town and Jesse suspects something happened between his wife Claire and fellow groom Adam, the fallout has left Jesse and Claire in separate apartments and not on speaking terms. Meanwhile, Adam can’t wait to see Jesse and tell him exactly what he thinks of his outburst the other night accusing him of having an affair with Claire.

First up on the Commitment Ceremony couch is Jesse and Claire. Jesse explains why things escalated for him and how Claire and Adam made him feel during the events of that night. Adam and Jesse argue and Adam accuses Jesse of imagining things, Claire joins in to explain the night and what Jesse thought he heard and saw.

Lyndall finally comes clean that there could be some truth to the flirtations that Jesse thought he saw between Adam and Claire. Lyndall reveals that Adam told her to leave and go home early otherwise Adam would go home with Claire. The entire room is outraged. Janelle does not know what to think and Adam explains that he was just bantering and would never say or mean anything like that.

Jesse decides that the experiment has brought out the worst in him and decides to leave. Claire writes stay as she sees the glimmer of hope and the fun they first shared on their wedding day and his hopes to get back to that. They are in the experiment for another week but there are certainly question marks over their future together.

Next on the couch is Adam and Janelle. Adam starts off by apologising to everyone, especially Janelle for his behaviour the other night. Janelle stands by her man but she’s feeling insecure as she really likes Adam. Adam admits he also likes Janelle, they have a great intimate relationship, and both decide to stay.

For Tahnee and Ollie it’s been smooth sailing and they’re not going anywhere. Melinda and Layton had a slow start but Melinda has now found the attraction and both write stay. Alyssa and Duncan are falling for each other and are on the way to wedded bliss as they choose to stay. For Sandy and Dan, they are heading in the right direction and will be staying for another week.

Up next is Melissa and Josh, and even though on different pages about their relationship, they are still kind to each other. Josh reveals he doesn’t want to be a sexual object, and Melissa says she wants to get to know him. They are both keen to keep trying for another week.

Harrison and Bronte seem to be on different wavelengths when Bronte says she and Harrison have found it hard, but Harrison reveals it’s been like a holiday. Bronte reveals that Harrison was seeing a girl right before he entered the experiment. Harrison still can’t see what he’s doing wrong, Lyndall then gives him the rundown of why Bronte struggles to trust him. Harrison can’t see their perspective.

The group and the Experts are horrified by Harrison’s remarks and John jumps in to help Harrison see the error of his ways. Finally Harrison apologises to Bronte. Harrison writes leave – at which Bronte is shocked – and Bronte writes stay. They are in the experiment for another week and Harrison promises to try.

Lyndall and Cam are up next and are a bundle of joy and happiness, both write stay.

While Shannon and Caitlin are clearly in crisis and Shannon immediately tells the Experts he’s in love with his ex. As they continue to talk about how he is optimistic for his future in the experiment, John jumps in and to clarify that Shannon’s disrespectful behaviour is totally unacceptable, including Harrison in his comments. Shannon apologises and promises to be all-in moving with Caitlin so they will both stay.


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