Three recruits quit as panic sets in on SAS Australia

Three recruits quit as panic sets in on SAS Australia

Tonight on SAS Australia, 17 recruits set out on day two of SAS selection but only 14 would survive the day.

In the first task, recruits navigated a series of walkways 15 metres above ground to retrieve a bag and escape without detection. Some crushed the mission while others found it confusing, however it proved too challenging for actor/singer Melissa Tkautz and she decided to VW (voluntarily withdraw) from the course.

“The person that walked in here was trembling and scared and the person that is leaving is a stronger person,” said Melissa. “Ant’s changed my life forever. He looked inside my soul and he saw that I had pain but he also saw that I’m my own worst enemy and I can do it.”

AFL great Wayne Carey was interrogated by the DS after a disappointing performance in the task and they were surprised to learn about the footballer’s controversial past, including a cheating scandal and an assault charge.

“I’m not proud of some of the things I’ve done,” said Wayne. “But I’ve done a lot of work on myself over the last 10 years and I take ownership of it.”

Later, former Home and Away heartthrob Orpheus Pledger shocked the DS by handing in his number during a psychometrics discussion, while pro-boxer Michael Zerafa made the difficult decision to withdraw, suffering from a severe shoulder injury.

Recruits were plunged into a tank of cold water for a brutal Navy SEAL drill called The Beehive – pushing their fears of water, drowning and claustrophobia to the brink. The panicked recruits struggled to keep their heads above water in the terrifying exercise, which forced them to get comfortable in discomfort.

Rugby 7s Olympian Ellia Green was later brought in for questioning, stating she felt out of her depth and revealing the tragic past which has shaped her mindset.


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