Playing With Fire Sees Ben Get Burnt

Playing With Fire Sees Ben Get Burnt

It was second time unlucky for Ben tonight, who was not only voted out yet again by his Blue tribe, but also had his game turned to smoke in a fire challenge against Mel.

Feeling smug after his Croc blindside, Ben woke thinking he had regained power in the game, but chaotic Chrissy had other plans for him once she learnt he was the mastermind behind her brother-in-law’s blindside.

There was also a bit going on over at Red tribe this morning, with Mark’s idol search disrupted by Joker Jordie, who wasn’t letting Mark get away with a private idol snatch.

Today’s Immunity Challenge had a twist. Not only was it the first Individual Immunity Challenge, but there were two necklaces up for grabs as both tribes were going to Tribal Council that evening. Can anyone feel a merge approaching?

During the endurance challenge, Khanh cut a deal with Sam to give her the Immunity if she let him win. True to his word, he did just that. Over on Red tribe, with full knowledge that she was sitting on the bottom of the pack, Shay won Immunity and saved herself another day in the game.

It was a bloodbath at the dual Tribal Council, with Chrissy declaring that she was out for revenge on Ben for Croc’s blindside, while over on Red they pinned their votes on Mel.

But it wasn’t over for Ben and Mel yet. The two battled it out in a heated fire challenge, which to everyone’s surprise, and delight, Mel won.

Reflecting on his game, Ben shared: “I’m honestly very chuffed that people found me to be a big threat in this game, voting me out not just once, but twice. I’m not emotional about leaving the game, I’m emotional about leaving Shay.”

Ben is the tenth person to be eliminated from Australian Survivor: Blood V Water and leaves behind his girlfriend Shay.


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