This Time Next Year sets August return

This Time Next Year sets August return

e inspirational and feelgood series This Time Next Yearwhich celebrates everyday Aussies tackling monumental personal goals during the most challenging year of their lives, is returning for a second series next month.

n every heart-warming episode, people from across the country will pledge to change their lives by “this time next year” – whether it is to overcome a setback, find love, reunite with a relative or even achieve a world record. Then the result of each year-long story will be revealed in an instant.

Hosted by Karl Stefanovic, many of the stories take unexpected turns over the course of the year, and some of the physical transformations are truly incredible. Even Karl is unaware of the result until the contributors walk back in.

Episode one of the eight-part series features a range of diverse stories, including brave teenager Eden who has been plagued by a rare form of Tourette Syndrome and pledges to overcome it to go back to school; a mother-daughter duo who plan to lose 100kg of weight between them; and a couple who want to put years of heartache behind them to have a baby.

“I’m really proud and excited to be hosting series two of This Time Next Year,” Karl said. “I’ve met some truly inspiring Australians who will warm the hearts of viewers by pledging to reach huge personal goals in just one year.

“We have a whole new group of contributors as diverse as a 101-year-old woman who wants to learn to fly, a wheelchair-bound mum who dreams of running in the backyard with her five-year-old son, and a woman who wants to medically transition to being a man.

This Time Next Year is an absolute joy to work on, and I’m not going to lie, I shed a tear or two.”

This Time Next Year returns  Monday, August 12 at 9.15pm to Nine.