This Is Going To Hurt Review

This Is Going To Hurt Review

Today, Binge releases your next medical drama obsession in the form of This Is Going To Hurt.

This Is Going To Hurt tells the story of Adam Kay (Ben Whishaw) who works in the obstetrics and gynaecology ward. When we meet Adam, he’s woken up in his car, having been too tired after his last shift to drive home, and now he’s late for his next shift. When he finally clocks in, he quickly finds himself assisting in a complex birth as a result of a prolapsed umbilical cord.

Through this sequence we meet Adam’s colleagues: there’s medical student Shruti Acharya (Amika Mod), head midwife Tracey (Michele Austin), and no-nonsense “old school” boss Nigel Lockhart (Alex Jennings).

Over the course of the show’s opening episode we get a sense of what it’s like to work in a demanding hospital environment while also trying to balance a personal life. For Adam, it’s a mate’s bachelor party and his secret relationship with Harry Muir (Rory Fleck Byrne). And when everything turns on its head, that’s when This Is Going To Hurt really lives up to its title.

Written by Adam Kay, who adapts his own memoir of the same name, The Is Going To Hurt is a perfectly balanced mix of comedy and drama that hooks you from the get-go and breaks the fourth wall to allow Adam to be our guide without distracting the viewer.

Ben Whishaw is the perfect choice for lead, but the supporting cast are also delightful in their roles.

This If Going To Hurt doesn’t lie. It’s a very solid piece of drama that is full of joy and heartbreak that will hurt in the best way possible and is a serious contender for best show of the year.

4.5 Stars

This Is Going To Hurt premieres on Binge today.


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