Reality bites for cocky Locky on SAS Australia

Last night on SAS Australia, a brutal beach beasting claimed another recruit while a treacherous waterfall climb fired up old hostilities.

In the first savage test of the day, teams of recruits lugged heavy Zodiacs along a beach and suffered through a gruelling beach beasting before a punishing surf paddle.

A struggling Ellia Green gave it her all but ultimately decided to withdraw, saying: “It’s an incredible course and incredible people are in it and it takes an incredible person to do it, so I am proud of myself. I just have a lot to work on that’s all.”

In another test of leadership and teamwork, teams scaled the cliff face of a thunderous 80 metre waterfall, transporting essential equipment safely to the top.

Despite Pauly being leader of Team Bravo, Locky dictated the plan. The pair had a fierce confrontation in the car journey home, with Pauly later attempting to make peace. Another argument ensued before Locky begrudgingly agreed to move forward.

Wayne Carey finally succumbed to his long-standing shoulder injury, choosing to VW after a physically gruelling day on course, explaining: “I don’t want to make a mockery of this. I can’t climb up a ladder, it’s f***ed.”

During a late night kit inspection, Locky was outed by the DS as the biggest liability within the group. Locky teared up, struggling to come to terms with the accusation.

The DS hauled Locky in for questioning, angered by his messy kit and attitude, with Chief Instructor Ant Middleton telling him: “Do not get us confused with being on f***ing Survivor or Bachelor, that’s not what this course is about.

“Your head is in the wrong place. It’s in TV reality space, not military space. If you want to play the hero go and serve your country. Do not play being a hero, that is the biggest insult for us that you can do.”

Locky responded saying: “I know 100% that I am selfish and I always put myself first. I don’t know where it comes from, I just have to be number one.”


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