The X Factor is getting a shake up

The X Factor is getting a shake up

The judging panel on The X Factor is getting s much needed revamp.

First up Ronan Keating announced his departure on Sunday after having been with the show since it’s revival in 2010.

“I’ve had five great years working on an amazing show with a brilliant team of people,” Keating told The Sunday Telegraph. “But I’m working on a new solo album and different projects so I can’t make it back this year sadly. He coached both Altyon Childs and Recce Mastin to series wins.

The show was dealt another blow yesterday with the announcement that fan favourite Natalie Bassingthwaighte had decided not to return releasing the following tweets.

The final departure came this morning when Redfoo wrote on his  Facebook

“What’s up Australia! There has been a lot of speculation regarding my return to X Factor this year. “I have decided to focus on other projects including my new album and I am working on a very exciting project that will be announced soon!

“Thank you to the fans for all your support. I wish my X Factor family all the best for a great 2015 season!”

Dannii Minogue has  already  announced her return to the series last week.

Source Daily Telegraph