Sunday Night May 3

Sunday Night May 3

This weekend Sunday Night has Hugh Sheridan searching for his brother in Napal. More on the Ivan Milat investigation and mental illness in pilots.

Actor Hugh Sheridan’s personal mission to earthquake ravaged Nepal. The story begins as a family emergency as Hugh races to Nepal when brother Zach, who was hiking near the earthquake-hit Everest Base camp, goes missing. Soon after landing in Kathmandu, Hugh learns that Zach is safe. At that point Hugh, a World Vision Ambassador, resolves to do whatever he can to help in the relief effort while he and brother Tom wait to be reunited with Zach. They roll up their sleeves and join the massive operation clearing debris in the worst hit areas of the city. Australian Red Cross Ambassador Dr Andrew Rochford, who’s reporting the story, also provides assistance and insights into the way Nepal is dealing with this overwhelming crisis.
The crash of Germanwings Flight 9525 six weeks ago in the French Alps has raised new and disturbing questions about the mental health of commercial aviation pilots. This special investigation reveals other passenger airlines have been deliberately crashed by mentally-disturbed pilots. Alex Cullen interviews an Australian investigator who sounded the alarm on a suicide-suspected air crash closer to home. His warnings have been ignored by the industry. If the airline industry had acted decisively after Silk Air Flight 185 slammed into an Indonesian River in December 1997 might the Germanwings disaster been prevented?


As a result of our breakthrough Ivan Milat investigation last week, NSW police are reviewing our evidence and interviews to determine if Australia’s most notorious serial killer can be prosecuted for the cold blooded shooting and maiming of a taxi driver more than 50 years ago. This week, Ivan’s brother Boris and the man who was jailed for the crime put their incredible stories to the test on a polygraph machine. Boris also reveals the day he almost killed his younger brother.

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