The Wizard joins The Masked Singer

The Wizard joins The Masked Singer

The Wizzard will be casting a spell on The Masked Singer

We tried to send you this message by owl. Alas, they were stopped at the border.

Allow us to formally introduce our Wizard that will cast a spell on you with their vocal range during the premiere of The Masked Singer Australia.

Will Urzila Carlson, Dave Hughes, Jackie O and Dannii Minogue be able to work their magic to decipher which celebrity is hidden beneath this mask?

The Masked Singer will return to 10 soon.

Update 28/07/20 with the first clue.

We spent the weekend mastering the incantation to unlock this Wizard clue ahead of The Masked Singer Australia premiere.

After an intense duel, we have produced the most gripping reveal yet: “My childhood neighbours hated my singing voice – but who’s having the last laugh now!”

Give us a spell, sounds like Wizard got lumped with a pesky bunch of muggles for neighbours! Will Wizard get his revenge and win The Masked Singer of Oz?

The Masked Singer Australia. Premieres Monday, 10 August At 7.30pm.