Bachelor in Paradise has a surprising double exit

Bachelor in Paradise has a surprising double exit

Tonight on Bachelor in Paradise there were long awaited  dates and a surprising exit as roses were handed out.

After using her date card to spend some quality time with Ciarran, Abbie enjoyed a steamy date, and steamier kiss with her leading man by a waterfall. The date couldn’t have gone any better, and Abbie was confident in their connection.

Trust new arrival, Jessica, to shake things up! Rocking into Paradise, the tatted beauty was on the look out for Ciarran, who was still on his date with Abbie. Noting she wasn’t the typical girl next door, Jessica was ready to use her two secret weapons, her charisma and personality, to woo the boys.

Back from his date, Ciarran was excited to see Jessica. Pulling her aside for a chat, he was happy to learn the interest was mutual and that there was undeniable chemistry between the two.

With the first rose ceremony looming, and the boys holding the power, Jamie was quickly learning that with great power, comes great roseponsibility. Seeming to forget that he had a single rose to give, not a bouquet, Jamie promised roses left, right and center.

Deciding Timm had one Britt too many on his arm, Brittney was focused on finding a new man. Surprisingly, she hit it off with Jamie. Thinking Brittney was fun, Jamie promised Brittney his rose. This would have been a very sweet gesture, if Jamie hadn’t already promised his rose to half of Fiji.

With Janey now the only one standing between Timm and herself, Britt made her move and invited Timm to a sunset bath. There were many LOLs to be had as Timm maneuvered his baby giraffe legs into the tiny tub, but things turned heartfelt when the two hit it off and shared a romantic kiss.

Trying to grow their new found spark, Brittney wanted to surprise Jamie with some champagne. Before she could even pop the cork, Jamie shut the idea down, saying he wasn’t interested in anyone… like anyone. Feeling flat, Brittney wondered when she’d finally get a chance at love.

A new day in Paradise brought a visit from Osher, who revealed that there would be a rose ceremony later that night, with two ladies set to leave.

With Ciarran and Jessica now an item, Abbie was left looking for a rose. putting the petal to the metal at the cocktail party, Abbie seemed to have secured a sympathy rose from a very confused Jamie. Having already promised his rose to three other people, Jamie decided to complicate things further by saying he had feelings for Helena.

At the rose ceremony, Jamie followed through on his promise to Brittney. Abbie and Janey were left without a rose and sailed away from Paradise.