The Voice Final Blind Auditions Recap

The Voice Final Blind Auditions Recap

Ricky has filled his team so who will have the voice to fill the final spots of teams Delta, Joel and Seal? 

After an in-depth recap of Ricky’s team it’s time to kick off the last set of auditions.

Andy Sellers is from Adelaide and is in a band with his brother. He will be singing “Across The Universe”. He is really good and is even playing the guitar. Seal is singing along but unfortunately no one turns for him. They all wished they turned around and they agree they missed out on something special.

Simone Stacey is half of former pop duo Shakaya, who had a hit with “Stop Calling Me”. Tonight she will sing “Sentimental Reasons”. She sounds like she’s singing from the 1950s. Seal hits his button first, followed by Joel and Delta who called it spectacular. Joel called it a great performance. Seal thinks he is the coach for her, she agrees and she joins team Seal, leaving each judge with 1 spot left on their teams.

Next up is Garth Ploop who has been told he sounds like Michael Buble. He will sing “Everything”. He sounds okay but there is no magic for me and the judges aren’t convinced as no one turns.

Our next artist is Sarah Carnegie who performed on stage with Jewel when she forgot how to play her own song . She really wants Delta. She sings “You Oughta Know” – she is rocking out the crowd. No one turned around for her either.

Michael Stangel who suffered from a heart tumour, that then went to his brain and was given 6 months to live, isn’t giving up and will be singing “Bow River”. He gives it his all and Delta turns, giving him a shot at the title. He completes team Delta.

The next performer this evening is Louise Anton from Club Buggery. Her career has been on hold as her mum has memory problems. She sings “Maybe I’m Amazed” and is good but no one turns, unfortunately.

Adam Garrett is a postal worker from WA who wants a career in music. He is singing one of my favourite songs “Skinny Love”. He is amazing and Joel turns, completing his team.

Insurance call centre worker, Tyler Azzopardi, has a famous dad called Tony. He’s going to sing “If I Could Only Get through This”, he’s okay but nothing special and Seal doesn’t turn.

Jac Stone who has toured with Podwerfinger on their farewell tour will be singing “Watch over Me”. She is very good and just lights up the stage. The crowd’s excited and Seal turns, his button completing the blind auditions.

The episode ends with each team checking out their competition. Bring on those battle rounds. This is going to be epic.


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