The Biggest Loser episode 17 Recap The Fridge Wreaks Havoc

The Biggest Loser episode 17 Recap The Fridge Wreaks Havoc

Another day another Biggest Loser episode so let’s go

After the elimination of Chris and Mark the Contestants are sitting down to dinner where we discover that Richard   has now earned the title of King Richard after Chris’s comments at elimination. He is pleased with himself

A new day dawns and the Commando has the blue and grey teams today. Amber seems to have a breakthrough realizing that she needs to control her anxiety and start living life. The Commando asks her what she will do when she starts to feel that emotion on the outside. She admits it will happen but she will use it as a tool to make her a better person. The commando is proud of her as is Richard

Michele has taken Anita and Cher on a field trip today to drop some emotional baggage. After surviving the last two eliminations they are getting another chance to face their fears after not completing the abseiling task a few weeks ago. Today they will have to dive off a 7m platform.

Anita who has a fear of heights is clearly nervous and stressed; Michelle says that if she can do this it’s another step to prove that she can make those changes at home. Cher needs to get her self-confidence back so upon jumping she plans to leave the old her behind including the weight she has lost .She is confident she can do it and through the power of positive thinking she does. She feels alive but realises that she needs to convince her mum to jump.

Now it’s Anita’s turn to jump and she feels sick and struggling to stay balanced but she wants to do it after some talking from Michelle she is having a mental battle but she mangers to overcome it and do it.

Shannon has the green and orange teams today and he has a surprise for them. The surprise is a set of weight vets that has the amount that each contestant has lost. Robyn is overwhelmed that they have lost the weight.

Each contestant has their weight vests on and Gerald has a confession to make he was working extra-long hours to get money as he knew he was going to die. He tried so many different so putting that weight back on has proven he can do it. They complete a training session with the vests on and all feel a sense of relief when the vests are taken off.

Now it’s time for the fridge as the biggest losers of the week it is up to Robyn and Katie if they will open it or pass it on. They choose to open it and they don’t like what’s inside. Today they will have to choose one contestant from each team home right now.

Everyone is clearly shocked but as always there is a twist the chosen contestants will only go home till the next weigh in. Cher is upset as she doesn’t think she can do it without her mum while Richard doesn’t think Amber will stick to the diet.

The first team up for discussion is the yellow team Robyn thinks that the person they need to send home just so they know everything will be ok is Cher. They are clearly reviled. Next up is the grey team. They send home Mandy so that she can see her family, Todd is also sent home so he can see his mum and sister.

The blue team both want to go home Amber to see her mum while Richard needs to clear a few things up with his wife. Unfortunately for him he has not learnt to say no to Amber’s waterworks and puppy dog eyes, so she will go home.

The orange team choose Robyn as Katie isn’t ready yet.

While packing Mandy asks Brett if he will be ok, he says he will be Gerald tells Todd to put in at least four or five hours a day. While the first thing Cher will do is remove all the temptations. Richard tells her to do it because he really wanted to go home with that advice they all depart for the journey home.

All contestants arrive home and their families are shocked and proud. It’s a very touching moment. However as always there is a challenge to complete.

All at home contestants have 5 hours to cycle as far as they can they can get help from anyone or cycle it all on their own the choice is theirs. The team who cycles the most will have an advantage in the next challenge. Amber is not happy she was going to relax and go shopping. Her attitude is less than impressive.

Meanwhile Robyn rounds up a few of her co-workers to help and Cher gets her mums workplace involved which is a school so there is lots of enthusiastic kids to help.

Amber is still being negative but still starts the task.

For the first hour Mandy and her husband alternate when they get tired. In 1 hour Cher and her kids have done 18K.  Amber is still being negative but her mum tries to convince strangers at the shopping centre. The biggest surprise is Todd doing it without any help.

Cher uses the task to raise awareness about healthy eating. While Robyn’s community notices the difference.

Half way through Amber is still being negative Robyn is getting quite a crowd and everyone wants a turn. In the last two hours Mandy gets support from Brett’s basketball mates. Todd’s mates from baseball help him out.

Despite the spin bike hurting her Cher continues while everyone is still working super hard Todd uses the crowd as motivation right to the last second everyone’s exhausted but grateful for all the support. Who has won we will find out tomorrow.




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