The Voice Episode 10 The Battles Begin

The Voice Episode 10 The Battles Begin

The Blinds are over now let the Battles begin.

After a lengthy recap over the next 2 weeks the teams will be halved but the judges will not be doing it alone helping them prepare will be Jessica Mauboy for team Ricky Ben Lee – Team Joel Ryan Treader for Team Delta and Connie Mitchell for team Seal

This time the Judges can save one contestant from each team they can only use this power once

To open the show the judges give an amazing performance of Uprising” by Muse

Delta has the first battle it will be Celia Pavey vs. Anna Weatherup they will sing A Thousand Years by Christina Perri this will be a tough one,. Anna doesn’t know the song well while Celia hasn’t made a wrong move in rehearsals but she is worried about forgetting her lyrics.

It’s time to battle as Celia and Anna arrive in the ring. They will both be playing guitars they both own the stage but I find Celia the stronger singer. This is going to be close

Ricky calls it a beautiful moment but he would choose Celia, Seal calls it flawless chooses Celia  Joel wants to hear Anna’s own album    Delta is having a tough choice but she says it was magical she chooses Celia to continue on. . The judges have 5 seconds to decide if Anna will be saved and put on to another team no one hits their buzzer so Anna is the first causality of the night.

The next battle is Michael Paynter against Louise Roussety they will battle it out to Justin Bieber’s  As Long As You Love Me. Louise says that by the end of the battle it will not be a Justin Biebier song it will be hers while Michael is worried about Louise’s unique tone.   They are providing such a good battle I haven’t even taken a note but this is a tough one as I want to both to go through but in the end as a huge Michael Paynter fan my loyalty will always be to him.

Delta: “I am completely and utterly obsessed with Michael’s voice…I’m still on your side. Ricky: “you only gave me 60 per cent of what you can give me, Louise…Michael, you gave me 70.  Seal: “I found you the more interesting…Louise. Joel agrees with Ricky that they didn’t bring their all so based on that Michael is through Louise isn’t saved

Next up is Rob Edwards v Michael Stangel singing John Hiatt’s Have A Little Faith In Me…This battle could determine the rest of these people’s lives say.  They are both smashing it the audience is clapping along these battles aren’t getting easier neither interest me that much though I preferred Rob’s voice though. Ricky: “I had a blast man, your performance was amazing…I would vote Michael today.” Seal: “you both have really good voices…Rob you just look like you wanted it more. “Joel: “I really like your voice Rob, but I couldn’t stop watching you Michael…”

Delta takes a time out Ryan tells her to go with who will go the far in the competition she chooses rob Ricky and Joel hit their button to save.  Joel likes everything he stands for as a person Michael chooses Joel so he will be going through after all

The next battle will be Skye Elizabeth vs. Alex Gibson they will be singing sky fall by Adelle both singers are doing an incredible job with a tough song and the crowds really getting into it and both finish strong

Joel says he thinks Alex wanted it more tonight. Delta says Skye ran out of breath and it was probably nerves. She goes with Alex. Ricky was captivated by Alex from the start Seal they both fought for it but It came down to tone so Alex is through Skye Elisabeth isn’t saved.

Next up Ricky pits Caterina Torres against Katie Reeve, singing Pink’s Try this should be good. It’s all a bit musical theatre from Katie, it’s a bit more controlled from Caterina Seal: “it’s interesting you sang a song called Try…you looked like you were trying too hard Katie…Caterina I’d go with you.” “Caterina I think we’re going to see great things with you says Joel. “It was such a pleasure to work with you…and I’m going to have to go with Caterina. Katie exits with a stomp.

The final battle tonight is t’s Harrison Craig v Tim Moxey…singing Josh Groban’s You Raise Me Up. This is Cleary in Harision’s domain but he is scared.

The performance truly is magical it’s one of those great moments we see from the voice. They match each other note for note. The crowd really enjoyed it this will be hard to pick. Joel: “I stood up in the middle of the song…the person I couldn’t stop watching tonight was Harrison.” Delta would pick Harrison based on how controlled he was.  Ricky says Tim your tone was beautiful…but the emotion and the power, Harrison, its crazy what you make me feel. I would go with you

Seal: “Tim you sounded fantastic, incredible singing that song tonight….Harrison, there is something you have that is very difficult to teach, the ability to connect. I would be doing a disservice if I didn’t go with you. So with that Tim has left the contest and the battles for tonight are over.



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