The Biggest Loser Episode 18 A medical emergency

The Biggest Loser Episode 18 A medical emergency

Last night contestants were split up but the question on everyone’s lips is who won the cycling task so let’s find out.

Today Michelle has Richard Gerald and Brett she tells them that they need to focus on their job here in case someone isn’t putting in the effort. Michelle also mentions to Richard that he needs to step it up because Amber may not be putting in all the effort she can. We see Amber at the Gym however the machine has been set to level one. She is also worried about the food in the house. The topic of why Richard wasn’t sent home it was because he is her father and can’t say no to her. Before departing Richard gave her a note about how important it was for her to stay here because if she can’t do it here she will not succeed at home. She tore the letter up he is clearly frustrated Richard says it’s really hard to watch her struggle and there’s a block in her he can’t get past. He tells us she’s dropped the ball a few times, disappointed him. Amber goes off when Richard tries to encourage her to train. He left her a note and she tore it up and left it all over his bed.

Richard’s done his 1,200 calories a day that he promised Michelle, even more on some days. But Amber’s not! Back to Amber training at home with her sister and the machine says she’s done 65 calories worth of exercise which Amber brands as a pretty good effort. . Richard’s starting to get angry that Amber won’t get her act together. He’s let her get away with it for so many years and now he’s being held accountable for it.

Shannon is checking on Kevin at home. E’s lost around 4kg since leaving Camp. Without knowing how long it’s actually been it’s hard to know how good that is.

Kevin’s big weakness was food. So they’re going to go check the kitchen. Shannon gets into the kitchen and there’s junk food everywhere!

But it all belongs to his housemates. He can’t clear the house of temptation because he lives with other people. He says he’s not eaten any of the junk he used to eat since leaving.

Time to check the fridge! Not only does he have healthy stuff in the fridge, he’s weighed out his meat and individually packaged it all. Measured out salads and packaged them up. He’s been avoiding snacks by getting home from shopping and preparing all his healthy foods at the same time because it’s all out already. Kevin’s looking a bit perkier and Shannon’s pleased he seems to have found his spark to keep going.  He has a short session with Shannon out in a park. And he’s really enjoying it. His self-esteem is coming back, Next time Shannon sees him it’ll be with his Mum to fight their way back into the house.

The Commando has Katie and Anita doing suicide runs and squats as a warm up. They then have to hold weights and do squats. Katie says this week is about proving to her Mum she can do it on her own. Her Mum’s been the driving force behind their team so far. Katie thinks if she stuffs up in the house in a controlled environment, what that says about her. Just as they are going to finish up Anita run before the end, Steve says after a short chat break. Anita’s not looking so good…

She says she’s feeling sick and shaky and like she might pass out. Then she feels like something ripped under her ribs but she keeps soldiering on for a short while. But she can’t continue and an ambulance is called. Cher is told that her mum is in hospital she wishes she could be there as Anita has to stay overnight

Its challenge time today he contestants at home will be answering health related questions while the contestants at Camp will be holding a rope that holds a basket above the ground. Amber says she doesn’t know anything about that sort of thing, so she’s going to just wing it  If the at home contestant gets an answer wrong a 2.5kg weight will be added to the basket.

If the basket touches the ground or their feet come off the platform they’re on, they’re out. The winning team will receive a 1kg weight advantage at the next weigh in. Yellow will, of course, not be competing as Anita is in the hospital for tests. Hayley needs some help with the weights section of the challenge so she’s brought the trainers in to help them. Then she says she’d set the at home contestants a task. A five hour bike ride. The contestant who rode the most kilometres has earned their team an advantage at this challenge. Richard’s excited. Not because he thinks Amber will have won, simply because it’s five hours where she has done some exercise.

Yellow rode the least with 68.24km. Next, Blue. 80.2km. Richard’s unimpressed. Green got 100km! Robyn did 108.7km. Mandy smashed them though. 156km. This is great news as Brett’s single arm won’t be such a disadvantage. Brett’s also chuffed that his basketball team helped out in the win. Brett’s basket will start empty while everyone else’s will start with 2 bricks – 5kg in total

Some of the questions are which breakfast item has the lowest calories? Bowl of fruit and nut muesli with skim milk, two poached eggs with brown bread, two Weetabix with skim milk? Weetabix. Everyone gets it right! Which has the most calories? Cheddar, Feta, Brie? Cheddar! Mandy and Todd are wrong. First bricks go in

After a few more questions the contestants are struggling Gerald’s on 30kg, Richard on 20kg, and Katie on 17.5kg and Brett’s up to 12.5kg.

A few more questions like which of these vegetarian options has the most protein? Quinoa, Tofu, Chickpeas? Tofu! A regular can of lemonade has how many teaspoons of sugar? 9.5, 6.5, 3.5? 6.5! .After that Gerald is the first to quit as the weight piles on

Which is the lowest calorie option? Coleslaw with regular dressing, chicken Caesar salad, roasts pumpkin and chickpea salad. Pumpkin salad! Amber actually got that right! And Brett has to bow out at last. This goes on for a while some questions like this one what’s a healthy BMI? 18-25, 33-38, 25-33? 18-25! Amber asks what she’s supposed to know about “body mass weight”. Robyn calls out that they’re on The Biggest Loser!

Katie is on 35kg after a while Michelle says Richard’s only 5kg off of her bodyweight, she may as well have sat in the basket herself.  This question which has the most carbs? Potato. White rice. White bread. White bread is the answer both teams got it wrong.   with Richard’s finally out! Katie and Robyn win a much needed advantage at the weigh in!

Before leaving Hayley gives Richard a chance to say something to Amber he tells her she needs to work out before weigh in time and Amber says yes. What’s she been doing, he asks? Amber pauses for a moment then says she’s been walking, been to the gym, eating well. Trust her! “Famous last words,” says Michelle. With that the episode ends and the truth will be revealed on the scales on Sunday.


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