The Voice Blind Auditions night three recap

The Voice Blind Auditions night three recap

With teams slowly being filled, who will have the voice to turn those chairs?

First up this evening is Belinda Adams from NSW who sings in the police band. She is singing I Am Changing – Jennifer Hudson. She is really good at hitting the high notes. Joel turns followed by Seal delta then Ricky. Seal notes she has a big voice, Joel calls her perfect Delta wants to help her grow Ricky believes they can do anything with that voice. Belinda picks Ricky.

Alternative rocker Danny Ross grow up in a country town called kanga valley his father died when he was eleven He will sing When The Levee Breaks – Led Zeppelin he’s playing guitar and seal and Joel turn. He’s got everyone moving in their chairs Joel says he has attitude and it’s a good thing, Delta wants to buy his record Ricky congregates him seal says he has something that no one can teach he’s excited Joel wants to work with him full stop and he will get the chance to when Danny Picks him.

The next person, Mercury4’s Rien Low is singing Never Say Never by The Fray. Despite his previous success, he doesn’t get chosen by anyone.

Next are Bec and Sebastian, a brother-sister duo. They are the first duo in the competition. They’re singing Nobody’s Perfect by Jessie J. They manage to get Ricky to turn around, but he’s the only one- so they’re now a part of Team Ricky!

Next is Jenna Dearness-Dark with Pie Jesu by Andrew Lloyd-Webber. Jenna was affected by the floods a few years back. She gets them all to turn pretty quickly. She chooses to go with Delta.

Next is seasoned singer Steve Clisby. He’ll be singing Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love by Barry White. He gets Seal to turn pretty quickly. He soon also convinces Joel to turn. Delta and Ricky fail to turn around. Who will he choose to go with? Seal!

Up next is Oscar Chavez. He’ll be singing a rendition of Bed Of Roses by Bon Jovi. He JUST gets Delta to turn! Phew. That was too close for comfort!!

Georgia Carey is next. She’ll be singing Kiss Me by Sixpence None The Richer. She once aimed for the Olympics as a swimmer. She unfortunately gets no turns, which is weird as she was splashed on all the promos in Adelaide.

Sarah Martin from Melbourne is next. She will be singing Woman by Neneh Cherry. She gets Seal to turn around straight away. But he isn’t the only one to turn with Delta soon giving into temptation. Joel plays around with the button for a while before turning himself. Ricky doesn’t feel the need to have her on his team; though he is happy to hear her last name is ‘Martin’. She decides to go with Seal.

Our penultimate artist for tonight is James Napier. He will be singing Wade In The Water by Traditional. He gets no hits unfortunately.

Last tonight is Kathy Hinch singing Girl On Fire by Alicia Keys. Joel and Ricky are pressing the buttons, but they’re not working!!! We’ll find out why tomorrow, but it’s probably just a technical error.

Thanks to Courtney for helping with  the recap


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