The Biggest Loser Episode 12 Super Obisticle Course

The Biggest Loser Episode 12 Super Obisticle Course


We’re still at the abseiling building challenge where Robyn and Katie are contemplating going down. Robyn is freaking out, but can she do this? Commando tries to pep talk with her. Katie promises to be with her. Commando promises to come down too. She eventually gets to the edge and completes the abseil. And she’s down!! Nice work, Robyn!

After the abseil, it’s time to read the letters…except for Cher and Anita who did not complete the abseil. It’s another lovely moment proudly brought to you by the producers of The Biggest Loser.

Later, Gerald and Todd head in for their mid-week weigh in. Commando is hosting it. If he hosted it every week in the style he hosted it just now, it would make the show so much funnier. Gerald weighed 130.8kg. He now weighs… 129.2kg. Todd weighed 95.0kg. He now weighs… 95.7kg. That would give them a total weight loss of 0.9kg with Todd’s weight gain. This may be because Todd has just eaten. It would put them below the yellow line nevertheless, a performance like that!

Now, it’s time to head to the challenge to top off supersize week. They head to an obstacle course. It’s the toughest of its kind anywhere in the world. It’s called the Spartan Race, the cruellest obstacle course on the planet. It’s a 3km assault course.

The winning team will win a 1kg weight advantage. The two losing teams will receive a 0.5kg weight disadvantage. With Brett off at the hospital, Mandy will be going alone.

The first obstacle is a few hills and a lake. Robyn is doing a better job than Katie, who isn’t doing a bad job herself. The black team are doing really well but Cher has pulled something going down into the lake. Shannan just thinks it is nothing but Cher is being stubborn. Anita decides to just go for the both of them.

By the end of the mud hole part of the obstacle course, Gerald and Todd are in front. Getting out of the final mud pit proves difficult for most teams, especially Amber and Richard. By the end of this part, Mandy and Anita are at the back. Mandy also finds it hard to exit the pits.

The contestants then begin a hiking section of the course. Despite Mandy struggling, Michelle is very proud of her and thinks Brett will be too.

The green team reach a spear throwing section where they had to throw one spear into a hay bale. It proves difficult with the team losing ground. Katie & Robyn and Richard & Amber close in but the green team manage to complete the challenge before any team get there.

The next obstacle is a water cross where they had to use a rope to get across a dam. It proves difficult for Gerald with Richard & Amber making good ground. Meanwhile, Anita finishes the mud pit.

The pink team hates water, so they complain the entire way across the water cross. Meanwhile, the green team have to crawl across a suspended net as the next obstacle. Richard and Amber complete the obstacle at the same time as the green team, but remain in second by the end of it. Robyn and Katie have now also caught up. At the water cross, Mandy is now catching up to the pink girls.

The green team now complete a wetland hike. Mandy and the pink team complete the net at the same time.

During their hike, the green team are stopped by a couple of gladiators. The gladiators do a good job of scaring the contestants as they all pass. Anita meanwhile is making good time.

Green, light blue and orange are now neck and neck finishing a bridge cross. The next obstacle is a barb wire crawl.

They then get to a few different obstacles to finish the course. First through the rope is the green team, winning the advantage.

They are followed by Richard & Amber, Robyn & Katie, Chris & Mark, Janet & Kirsten, Mandy and Anita. The grey and yellow team will therefore get a half kilo disadvantage.

That weigh in will occur on Sunday!


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