The Voice Blind auditions night 6

The Voice Blind auditions night 6

Some incredible talent has graced the voice stage so far so who will we discover tonight?

First up is Rebecca Davis from   Melbourne  she is becoming more confident in her music since leaving her  family in Brisbane tonight sh’es feeling  a  lot of pressure as she is singing  Not Me Not I  by  Delta who  instantly recognises her own song her voice is very unquige no one turns for her unfortunately . After the performance   Delta hugs her and shares her  chair with her,   Seal congratulates her and tells her to keep going . Delta is touched that she chose one of her songs  and they sing together

Michael Paynter has toured with The Veronicas and Ice House after leaving the record label a few years ago he will be singing   Somewhere Only We Know. He is nervous but is absolutely killing it no Delta turns then Seal and Joel turn towards the end Seal wants to coach him ,  Joel calls him great Delta tells him he could win Joel says he has a positive attitude he chooses Joel because he wants that to shine through.

Wade Smith  is the great grandson of Barry Crocker, who  gives him some advice before auditioning. He will be singing Fast Car he is doing well unfortunately no one turns .


Sophie Phillips Nurse and single mum was in an ABBA  tribute show she sees this as one of her last chances She is singing Kelly Clarkson’s Beautiful Disaster  Delta and Ricky turn instantly then  Seal turns  shes doing really well. Joel says it was beautiful, Delta wanted to hit her button instantly, Ricky says her voice needs to be hard overseas  Delta responds by saying she needs to crack it in Australia first while  Seal congratulates her for not missing a beat she picks Delta as she is grateful she turned around so quickly.


Steve Wade played the pub scene until he joined Little River Band in 1996 he pulled the pin to stay with his family he will be singing  Boys Of Summer Everyone is moving along while  Seal is also  singing but no one turns.

Tim Moxey from The Shire is a music pastor and singing teacher who loves his family. He had to make a choice between providing for his family or gigging. He organizes the music for the church. Tonight he will be singing I Want To Know What Love Is,    Hes doing a good job everyone’s moving in their chairs Seal turns with Joel at the last second.  Ricky calls him amazing Seal says he was controlled. Joel was intimidated but he was doing such an awesome job he had to hit the button Tim chooses Seal

We see some of the people who didn’t get through

Mitchell Steele left scool at 15 and moved to the city and works with horses. He  has no professional experience hes doing an excellent job of the Adelle song, Seal turns around first while Delta turns at the last second. Seal liked his unique voice Delta wants to help him be the artists he wants to be he picks Delta as he doesn’t want to be locked in as an artist.


Jake Edgley Son of entertainer promoter Michael Edgley and brother to  actress GiGi Edgley  His first concert was Ben Harper and that made him want to do music. He sings ‘So Beautiful’ by Pete Murray. No one turns for him , Delta thinks he has a star quality but not what she’s looking for. Seal thinks it was a little low for him. Joel thinks he has a great voice

Imagon Brough  is an ivf twin who has always had music around her. As soon she hits the high  notes of Never Let Me Go  all 4 judges turn she is amazing. Seal calls it breathtaking, Joel calls it fireworks, Delta wanted to absorb her and let her tell the story and   Ricky says a star is born. She picks Ricky based on her gut feeling

Heading into tomorrow’s blind auditions Seal has 8 Delta 9 Joel on 10 and Ricky has 11



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