The Biggest Loser Episode 14 Recap : An Old Favorite Returns

The Biggest Loser Episode 14 Recap : An Old Favorite Returns

Kirsten and Janet have gone home and a new week on Loser begins. Which teams will get upper hands and what twists will await the contestants? Also, which fan favourite challenge is back?

The contestants wait to see who has been saved from elimination. Robyn and Katie come back in to the delight of most contestants. After a debrief, the contestants head outdoors with Hayley and the trainers.

She tells them that for this week, the house will be split into two groups- parents vs. kids. They will be split for every event up until weigh in, when they will revert back to families.

They will have their first training sessions in teams with Olympians Jessica Fox and Miriam, Jessica’s mother and coach. Jessica will train the kids while Miriam will train the parents. Todd believes having a girl his age around who’s an Olympian will help him push harder. He does!

Before their training session, Miriam gives the parents an eye opening and inspiring speech. They then had to write words down on the driveway. They then all go for a run.

Back at the kid’s training session; Katie is giving it her all.

After the session, Michelle takes the women parents away for a nutrition session. Some more Nature’s Way product placement.

It’s now time for The Fridge. Biggest Losers Gerald and Todd will not open the fridge. Hayley will instead decide which team will open the fridge. She chooses Amber and the kids. The fridge opens up and reveals Temptation is back!

They then all discuss whether they should take temptation or not. Mark thinks it could be a good idea, but most people don’t like the idea. The kids decide that the second someone who has taken temptation falls below the yellow line will be sent home.

It’s now time for temptation. There are two temptation rooms- one for parents and one for kids. They will all spend five minutes in their respective rooms by themselves. They will not know what others have done. They will only be playing for their original teams of two. The team who eats the most calories between them will win.

Amber is first and despite promising her vote to anyone who takes temptation, she takes it by eating a malt ball! Richard has almost the same idea- eating the chocolate malt balls. Will he take it?

Katie is next and she is vehemently against taking anything. Robyn knows why Katie doesn’t like temptation, but hopes she realises life isn’t fair. Outside, Katie is crying she’s so angry.

Anita and Cher are next for temptation, followed by Mandy and Brett. Mandy could go a piece of Pavlova. Gerald and Todd follow the grey team. Todd seems to consider it. Then, it’s the black team.

It’s now time to hear the results. Two teams took temptation. It was the kids who ate. All the parents resisted. One kid ate a malt ball and a lolly for 33 calories. That person was…Todd. The second kid ate 4 malt balls for 52 calories. That was Amber. Richard & Amber win immunity. Richard is still disappointed and Katie is fuming.


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