The Voice Blind Auditions night 5

The Voice Blind Auditions night 5

The Voice stormed home last week on Nine and tonight, the stunning Blind auditions continue. Who will pick who? Who will fail to make the cut? Which coaches will have the best luck?

Nicholas Roy is first tonight. He’s lived and breathed music all his life, but he wants to make it a profession. Can this audition be his key? He’s playing a piano tonight. His song is Falling Slowly. He gets Seal and Joel to turn pretty much straight away. Delta and Ricky follow soon after. Who will he choose? He goes with Seal.

Katie Reeve is next up to the stage. She’s singing Piece of my Heart. She gets Ricky to turn and he’s really getting into it! Delta buzzes in at the last minute as well! Joel wants to but it looks like he was a bit late. In the end, she goes for Ricky.

Third up is Josh Kyle! He will be singing Fragile. Delta has her hand on the button for quite a while before pressing it. Ricky is next to give in to temptation. He decides to go with Delta.

It’s now time for Karen ‘Miss Murphy’ Andrews. I’d Rather Go Blind is the song of choice. Seal is first to turn before Ricky and Joel push the button. Delta turns just as the song concludes. Her brother is crying! She decides to work with Ricky.

Next is Marisa Quigley. We’re All Going To Die Some Day is the song. Unfortunately, she gets no hits. Shame; her voice was fantastic!!

Will Nick Stenmark have more luck? He’s singing I Will Wait. I don’t think he’s as good as Marisa, but he gets Joel to turn!

Next is Viva Lale. Some of her family died in the 2011 South Brisbane House Fire that killed 11 people overall. She’s singing One Sweet Day. Unfortunately for this star, no one turned.

Up next is Caterina Torres, who’s been with a ‘can’t-be-mentioned’ record label. We’ll get back to her.

Atlanta Coogan, who knows Joe Camilleri, is next. She’s singing Son of a Preacher Man. Again, no one turns around. So, they let a surfer dude in but when a professional voice comes on they don’t turn?? I know they can’t see the contestant- but these professional people are SOOOO much better!

We go back to Caterina. As another professional, surely she will get through! She’s singing Hot right Now. Yep! Seal and Ricky turn at almost the same time. Joel follows and Delta turns last, but not least. She goes with Ricky after a heated battle for the star.

This marks the end of the episode with Seal and Delta having half of their teams complete with 7 artists each  while Joel has 9 and Ricky leads the pack on 10


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