The Biggest Loser Ep 13 Recap shocking elimination

Last week Todd put on weight at a progress weigh in, Will he be able to lose some weight in the last chance training?

The episode opens with Michelle opening the gym for last chance training. Today she has Mandy and Brett (Grey Team), Mark and Chris (Black Team) and Janet and Kirsten (Pink Team). To start them off she has all the contestants on the treadmill to see how far they can run in two minutes. She reminds Brett and Mandy to give it their all due to having a weight disadvantage at the weigh in, as a result of the challenge.

Midway through the task Kirsten ups her speed and pushes her self just that little bit more. Kirsten says that after she didn’t complete the abseiling challenge she felt down but then realised there was no point dwelling on it and to just move on, since then she has pushed herself and is excited for the weigh in.

Last week Cher and Anita pulled out of the assailing at the last minute while Cher injured herself at the obstacle course. Today Shannon has them for last chance training and he has a task for Anita, if she can run 5.5 km in 45 minutes they will both earn the letters from home they missed out on last week by not completing the abseil.

Anita is off and working towards the goal while Cher is just going through the motions and not being enthusiastic about it. Shannon tells her she needs to be desperate every day.

After the break Anita has completed nearly half of the task. While Cher is now on the treadmill she finally realises she needs to believe she can do this and she starts to show some effort. Near the end of the session Anita still has a bit to do so Shannon cranks up the treadmill and she just makes it in time.

They earn and read the letters clearly the commando’s training session isn’t important as it’s time for the weigh in… Hayley congratulates them for surviving super-size week and reminds us that team green has a 1kg advantage while the yellow and grey teams have a 0.5kg penalty.

The green team are first to weigh in. Gerald weighed 130.8kg. He now weighs… 126.9kg. That’s a total weight loss of 3.9kg. Todd weighed 95.0kg. He now weighs 93.2kg. That’s a total weight loss of 1.8kg.with their 1kg advantage that’s a total weight loss of 6.7 kg, or 2 97 per cent.

Next up are team pink Janet weighed 92.9kg. She now weighs… 90.6kg. That’s a weight loss of 2.3kg. Kirsten weighed 87.2kg. She now weighs 86kg. That’s a weight loss of 1.2kg. That’s a total weight loss of 3.5kg or a percentage of 1.94 per cent.

Richard and Amber are next. Richard weighed 121.5kg. He now weighs 119kg. That’s a weight loss of 2.5kg. Amber weighed 101.6kg. She now weighs… 99.5kg. That’s a weight loss of 2.1kg. They’ve lost a total of 4.0kg, giving them a percentage of 2.06 per cent, moving them into second place.

Mark and Chris are fourth to weigh in, Chris weighed 132.2kg. He now weighs… 129.3kg. That’s a weight loss of 2.9kg. Mark weighed 138.7kg. He now weighs… 134.7kg. That’s a weight loss of 4kg. That’s a total weight loss of 6.9kg and a percentage of 2.55 per cent putting them second.

The grey team has a 0.5kg disadvantage so let’s see how they go.

Brett weighed 160kg. He now weighs… 155.1kg. That’s a total weight loss of 4.9kg. Mandy weighed 97kg. She now weighs… 94.5kg. That’s a total weight loss of 2.5kg. With the disadvantage they’ve lost a combined 6.9kg and give them a percentage of 2.68 per cent, giving them second place.

The penultimate team to weigh in is the yellow team Anita and Cher they also have a penalty to stay in the competition they need to lose 5.3kg

Cher weighed 160.5. She now weighs… 157.8kg. That’s a total weight loss of 2.7kg. Anita weighed 106.1kg. She now weighs… 102.7kg. That’s a total weight loss of 3.4kg. They’ve lost a total of 5.6 kg with the penalty giving them a percentage of 2.10 per cent, putting them in fourth.

Last to weigh in is the orange team Robyn and Katie who need to lose 4.5kg to stay.

Robyn weighed 95.6kg. She now weighs… 94.1kg. That’s a weight loss of 1.5kg. Katie weighed 117.7kg. She now weighs… 115.4 kg. That’s a total weight loss of 2.3kg. They’ve both lost 3.8kg giving them a weight loss percentage of 1.78 per cent.

This means that Robyn and Katie will be facing elimination against Janet and Kirsten. This one looks like its set to be a tear jerker.

Everyone’s a little shocked by this result but how will it go down?

Like the first weigh in only one person from each team will be voting in the elimination room. The people to vote today are all the parents: Chris, Anita, Mandy Richard and Gerald

Before the show Robyn tried everything to help Katie with her problems but she just made it worse. She is unsure if she could help Katie lose those last 40kg on the outside, While Janet wants to stay to achieve the close bond that the orange team have.

Richard asks Kirsten what’s going to change if she stays because she treats her mum badly. Kirsten says that that is why they need to stay because they are making progress. Richard also notes that Katie needs to be bad by that he means to have belief, ability and desire. She admits she has some of these but she’s not ready mentally. Hayley reminds us that there is a chance whoever leaves could still return to the competition, with that it’s time to vote

Most of the parents have a tough choice ahead as they are all so close. Here’s how the vote went down

Chris Robyn and Katie

Anita Robyn and Katie

, Mandy Janet and Kirsten

Richard Janet and Kirsten

Gerald has the deciding vote and choses Janet and Kirsten.

With three votes Janet and Kirsten leave the competition in what has been an emotional roller-coaster of an episode.


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