The Voice Battle Round 3

The Voice Battle Round 3

After last night’s drama Delta is the only one with a save so will she use it tonight?

First battle up tonight Team Seal Michelle Martinez v Simone Stacey, singing Battlefield. The song written by Delta’s team mentor Ryan Tredder. Both deliver a solid performance and match each other note for note but Michelle gives it just that little extra and is my pick.

Delta Michelle was engaging and feisty Joel was captivated by Michelle. Rickey says Michelle commanded attention. Seal Michelle put her money where her mouth is and won the battle. Delta doesn’t use her save so Simone leaves the show.

Team Joel’s Chris Sheehy and Danny Ross singing “Are You Going My Way” with their guitars. Danny was looking forward to not playing his guitar. After a few run throughs Joel decides that it would work best if Danny wouldn’t play his guitar and Chris isn’t happy he wanted them to be evenly matched. However the battle will be done with Chris on guitar and Danny without.

They both do an excellent job but for me this is Danny’s to lose after Chris’s attitude problem Delta calls it electrifying she can’t choose  .Ricky says he would pick Chris as he has power. Seal was mesmerised by Danny Joel finds it a tough call and has to take a time out to talk to ben. They both killed it but Danny wins and Joel thinks Delta should save Chris but she doesn’t.

Next up is Miss Murphy v Sione Felila for Team Ricky…singing People Get Ready they are both showing nerves. But they fall away on the stage and the battle is another one where I am absolutely astounded and distracted by the talent.

Seal says Sionie has an amazing voice while Miss Murphy is the real deal and could win this. Joel loves both but Sinioe got his vote. Delta loved it and can’t pick again but chooses Miss Murphy. Sione you took us to places you made us feel…congratulations.” “Miss Murphy your power, your honesty, your serenity yet your strength it’s simply visceral and because of that I want to follow.” Said Ricky Sionie isn’t saved by delta.

Ben Goldstein v Mitchell Steele, singing Ed Sheeran’s Give Me Love. Ben has not heard it before. On the day of the battle Mitchell isn’t feeling the best but the show must go on. While you can hear how unwell he is still gives his best however Ben is Cleary the victor here.

Ricky: “Mitchell you showed me your heart…I would go with you tonight. Seal: “You Ben you didn’t look at Mitchell once…it means they’re in their zone…I would go with you Joel just says Ben. While Delta knows how she feels but takes a time out to speak to Ryan. The winner of the battle is Ben

Next up is Tim Morrison v Oscar Chavez who is on team Delta. They will sing Lanterns by Birds of Tokyo who are awesome live by the way. Everyone is up and moving and it’s an awesome performance. Ricky, Seal and Joel choose Tim Delta chooses Tim because he didn’t let nerves get to him.

Seal’s second battle tonight is Jac Stone v Lauren Dawes they will be singing the Ray Charles classic “You Don’t Know Me.” The performance was truly breathtaking and faultless.

Joel leans towards Jac Delta picks Lauren while Ricky can’t pick one.  Seal make a big mistake each year and that mistake this year is putting you two together. He has to take a time out and decides that it’s called The Voice and it is about the ability to tell a story for that reason I have to go with you Jac…it really pains me to say so. Lauren isn’t saved by Delta.

Ricky up now for final battle tonight it will be Simon Meli v Juliane Di Sisto singing Too Hot to Handle. The performance was a good one they both did the song justice and this will be tough to call for Ricky. The three judges all pick Simon as he was the most engaging. Ricky choses Simon due to his experience. Delta doesn’t use her save and saves it for the final battle tomorrow.




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