Celebrity Apprentice Season 3 Launch Recap

Celebrity Apprentice Season 3 Launch Recap

A new season of Celebrity Apprentice! Expect tears, tantrums and fights.

The celebrities arrive at the Star Hotel in Sydney. First to arrive is boxing champ Jeff Fenech. He wishes luck to anyone who tries to walk over him. He is followed by Stephanie Rice who doesn’t want to be first out. She is in a different room than Jeff. 80’s rocker Brian Mannix likes to make people laugh and he joins Jeff in the boy’s room.

Next to dance their way on screen is Kim Johnson who is going to dance around the other competitors. Prue MacSween tells us all that we won’t die wondering what she thinks. Dermott Brereton thinks actions speak louder than words. Former Ready Steady Cook host Peter Everett doesn’t mind a gossip. He looks around the room and almost tips the champagne on the floor but Jeff reminds him to tip into the glass. Peter Berner thinks he can handle the pressure while Rob Mills has also arrived.

Runner John Stefferson sprints up to Jeff Fenech to say hello. He can’t believe he will have a friend in the game. All the males are in one room and everything is going smoothly.

Layla wants to come first after being runner up in last year’s Big Brother.  She is excited and mentions to Steph that she’s worried it could get bitchy. Enter PR god Roxie Jacenko who states she’s here for the money and she doesn’t care who doesn’t like it. Layla gets star struck when she meets Prinnie Stevens from The Voice who states that she doesn’t hate anyone but there is time for that.

Last to enter the girl’s room is Dawn Frazer who leads people and doesn’t follow because they make too many mistakes. As it turns out the first challenge will be girls vs. Boys so there is no time to waste. The celebrities all meet each other and the boss Mark Bouris at the Sydney Fish Market.

It turns out they are a little late but Mark welcomes them and says he respects them for wanting to take part. He introduces his advises who are Deborah Thomas and Dane Bouris. They are his eyes and ears.

The girls consider Jeff the biggest contender however Steph considers him a weakness due to not being focused. While Roxie would fire Brian first. He shoots back that the girls will fall apart before the guys do. Dermott considers the girls over-confident. The celebrities are then asked to put themselves in order from most to least famous. They line up in the following order:

Girls: Dawn, Steph, Prue, Kym, Prinnie, Layla and Roxie

Guys: Jeff, Dermott, John, Rob, Pete, Peter and Brian

Brian put himself there because they have bigger things to worry about. Roxie concedes that while she was placed correctly it is all about those contacts.

Since they were the most famous, Jeff and Dawn will be the project managers. For the first challenge both teams will run a fish and chip shop on Bondi beach. They will have to pick the type of fish and fillet, scale and gut it. They also have to cut chop peel and fry the potatoes.

After they leave the docks it’s time to pick team names. After some discussion, the boys go with team Fabulous while the girls are team Supreme. Then, it’s straight down to business.

After some questions to the fish salesmen the girls have chosen the blue eye as their fish and already have their first donation of $5000 from Jerry Springer who Kym helped on the US version of Dancing with the Stars. They also managed to delegate jobs so some deal with the fish while others do the potatoes.

The boys are having a hard time sorting out the roles and delegating jobs. Jeff isn’t doing a great job of being project manager according to Rob.

Teams have now been split. Some go shopping for props while the rest go to Bondi. Jeff admits to Millsey he has never delegated while Kim mangers to score another donation from David Arquette. The shops will be just a few metres apart. The boys keep getting distracted by the girl’s sunbaking. Dawn and Steph peel potatoes while Roxie and Prue are working on marketing and price lists, except Prue is off in the kitchen and every time Roxie asks for her expertise she doesn’t get any help.

On the prop front Kym, Layla and Prinnie are working well and have them in mind. Meanwhile the boys except for Millsey are just playing around wasting time. The girls managed to find all the props and then pitch in peeling the rest of the potatoes.

The next day, the boys realise they don’t have any props. Jeff isn’t worried though. Then it’s off to get the best price for the fish. The girls manage to use their tricks to get the best price. No such luck for the boys though when Dermott decides to change the type of fish after the menus have been finalised.

While Dawn’s away, Prue decides that they don’t need tables and removes them. This leads to a clash again between Roxie and Prue but when Dawn returns she has a team meeting where everything is sorted.

Meanwhile, the boys are in need of a team leader as Jeff isn’t focused and seems like he doesn’t care

As the challenge kicks off the girls are working really well, getting $50 for the first order, however the boys get a $20000 donation for their first order. It takes them a little while to get it out due to having not prepared their fish earlier. The girls are working really well. They are getting lots of cheques and things are running smoothly. Peter Everett comes out to help the guys at the front and Jeff Fenech tells him to go faster. John tells him to chill out Things aren’t running smoothly over there.

A bus load of tourists arrive at Bondi. Kym notices them flocking towards the boys stand and quickly goes to grab Dawn. Dawn convinces the tourists to come to her show and business is booming.

The boys find their groove and get a lot of donations but just as it looks like things are running smoothly, the Woman’s Day editor turns up with the first Celebrity Apprentice champion Julia Morris and they want salad but the boys have no salad left. Rob tells them in song.

Over to the girls and they get the order out quickly to the Woman’s Day crew.  However there is a hair in the chip and with that, it’s back to the boardroom.

Mr. Bouris welcomes them and tells them to be honest in the boardroom. He asks Dawn who let her down she names Prue and Steph. This doesn’t faze Prue, who blatantly put it that as long as it gets done she doesn’t care who does it.

Dawn was disappointed in Steph because she wasn’t out the front getting customers in. Dermott calls Jeff a good PM. The guys are being extremely held back when answering questions. The boys win $5000 from Woman’s Day for best customer service. Roxie and Jeff were highest earners.

Girls raised $77,600 while the guys got $121, 160, so Team Supreme will lose 1 contestant.

The money goes to Save our Sons. Jeff also gives $20,000 dollars to Dawn’s charity which is the Sunshine Coast Riding For The Disabled.

Roxie got $36,000, Kym got $13,000, Dawn scored $11,000 while Steph gets $10,000, Prinnie gets $4,000 and Layla only earned $165.

Because Mr. Bouris choose Dawn to be PM, she doesn’t have to pick her 2 opponents for firing so they all turned on each other for nothing.

When asked, most people say Prue should go. She thinks she’s an easy target. Prinnie needs to be more vocal, Layla needs to use her contacts, Prue is disappointed in herself while Prinnie misread by choosing to cook instead of sing. For this, she is fired. We see the handing of cheques and the episode ends.



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