The Villa Recouplling Shocker

Ben has left the villa, and Stella has another chance. She is in tears of relief, but also sad to see Ben go.

Callum breaks Vakoo’s heart when he tells her he is not feeling the vibe with her and he just wants to be friends. Vakoo is upset and she feels she has wasted her time with Callum.

Tak and Sella share a nice moment on the balcony, could a relationship be blossoming for the pair?

There is trouble brewing with Mitch and Phoebe S, after she tells Claudia she is bored and wants some excitement soon. Later on she chats to Mitch about this, and he feels she is trying to self sabotage their relationship.

Callum plays a game with the boys where he has a dare to kiss all the girls. He manages to do it after making up a story about his lips.

Stella gets a text, there will be a dumping from the villa tonight. The boys will pick and one of the girls will go.

At night Sophie enters for the recoupling:

AL couples up with Jess.

AUSTEN couples up with Claudia.

MITCH couples up with Phoebe.

JORDAN couples up with Phoebe H.

CALLUM couples up with Maddy.

TAK couples up with Stella.

That leaves Vakoo single, and she is dumped from the Island.


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