Ben Farewells Love Island

Austen and Claudia are still having issues around Claudia not willing to trust Austen. Claudia has had huge trust issues with relationships in the past. In the end they chat it through, and she agrees to work on it. 

To make up for the past week Mitch organises a surprise dinner date for Phoebe making pasta with the help of Callum. Despite it being a funny disaster in the kitchen, it ends well. 

Ben the new bomb is really making an effort with Stella, but she isn’t feeling anything back.  He makes her breakfast, which is a lovely gesture. 

Callum and Vakoo are also trying to get to know each other, but Callum admits he is still thinking about Layla who has left the villa. 

Al and Jess get a text, they go on a lovely first date and both admit they are developing strong feelings and can imagine a future outside of the villa. On the date however, Jess gets a surprise text. Al and Jess must decide who is the least likely couple in the villa to make it on the outside. One person from that couple will be dumped. 

They go back to the villa, observe and do some questioning of the couples, it is between Vakoo and Callum, Tak and Maddy and Ben and Stella.

At night the Islanders get called to the firepit and the news is broken to all of them. After much deliberation, Al and Jess choose Stella and Ben as the couple who are least likely to make it on the outside. 

Ben and Stella then get a shocking text. One of them will be going home, but they must decide who between themselves. 

After a chat, they make their decision and return to the firepit. Ben emotionally falls on his own sword and puts his hand up to leave so Stella can continue her journey in the villa. 

After a short but impactful time, Ben leaves the villa..


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