The Traitors Cast Announced

The Traitors Cast Announced

Who’s got what it takes to win Australia’s enthralling new game, The Traitors? Introducing 24 cunning players who will stop at nothing to take out the title. 

A criminal lawyer, a supermarket checkout operator, a clairvoyant, and a personal trainer, The Faithful come from all walks of life, but share a common goal to unmask The Traitors and walk away with $250,000. 

Hailing from NSW is psychic medium Chloe, who knows her unique skill set is one that can work in her favour, veterinary nurse Millie, and photographer Kate who is always up for a challenge. 

Also from NSW is strategy consultant Midy, personal trainer Sandra, supermarket checkout operator Claire and legal professional Mark, who says he’s good at seeing or feeling when someone is lying to him. 

Five Victorians on a mission to unmask The Traitors are hotel concierge Dirk, 34, fitness instructor Ethan, dancer Fiona, Olivia, a forensic investigator obsessed with solving puzzles, and criminal defence lawyer, Michael who says he can read people within 30 seconds. 

Eight players call the Sunshine State home, including cheeky sparky Lewis, who says he will lie with a smile, Paul, 60, a financial investigator, Bachelor of Law student, Kashindi, and social worker Justine from Brisbane. Champion chess player Jack is all about strategy, Matt from the Gold Coast wants to prove real estate agents can have a heart, Craig, a business coach from the Sunshine Coach is fiercely competitive and Sales Manager Angus hopes his hippy laid back surfer vibe will be the perfect cover. 

Representing South Australia is model Alex, 24, who admits she’s “sassy and bossy with a dark sense of humour”, while law and international politics student Marielle plans to use her legal debating skills to defend herself. 

DJ and sports club president Teresa, 41, is flying the flag for WA while Tasmania is represented by hostage negotiator Nigel, 49, a former photojournalist. 

This wildly diverse and competitive group will soon see themselves in a game of deception, suspicion and betrayal where the stakes will only get higher and higher on The Traitors

The Traitors. Premieres Sunday, 16 October 7.30pm On 10


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