A Current Affair October 10

A Current Affair October 10

Tonight, in an ACA exclusive, John Farnham’s son’s, Robert and James, thank Australia for the amazing support their legendary father has received since revealing he is battling cancer. 

As John recovers from life-saving surgery, Robert and James are “his voice”. 

Speaking exclusively with A Current Affair reporter Seb Costello, the Farnhams reveal the latest on John’s condition.

For the first time, viewers will hear the full-story of how John’s cancer diagnosis came about and what John thought of Robbie Williams’ performance of You’re the Voice at last month’s AFL Grand Final. 

Robert and James also answer the question the whole country is asking: Will John ever sing again? 

In a remarkably open and honest interview, Robert and James share the inspiring moment they knew their father was going to pull through surgery.

The Farnhams also pay tribute to the incredible bravery of their mother, Jill, and the amazing doctors and nurses who cared for John.

A must-see for John Farnham fans this Monday at 7.00pm on A Current Affair.


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