The Top Five Bachelors Are Revealed on The Bachelorette

The Top Five Bachelors Are Revealed on The Bachelorette

Last night six  bachelors were cut to five as finale week approaches.

They shared an undeniable chemistry on their first single date last week and to further explore his romantic side, Georgia selected Matty J for a second single date.

Their day of old school romance began with a drive in a classic car, before the couple boarded a yacht for an afternoon of swing-dancing. Later, over a glass of champagne, Matty J put his heart on the line, confessing to Georgia that she is on his mind from the moment he wakes up until the moment he goes to bed.   In return, Georgia rewarded Matty J with a rose and a kiss, letting him know just how special he makes her feel.

Osher organised the group date and Cam, Lee, Clancy, Jake and Courtney were put through a series of tests to determine the strength of their connection with Georgia.

The first test was speed dating with a twist. To ensure Georgia was not aware of which Bachelor she was speed-dating, Osher arranged for five elderly gentlemen to act as their stand-in suitors. In a test of their communication skills, the Bachelors hid in a separate room and used ear-pieces to feed lines to their stand-in suitors.

Georgia felt the least amount of chemistry with Clancy’s stand-in and so he had to leave the date.

Love letters were the next test. Delighted by each of her four letters, Georgia found it hard to select her least favourite. But Courtney’s letter lacked the same emotional depth as the others and he was eliminated from the date.

In the final test, a blindfolded Georgia danced with Lee, Jake and Cam. Lee got nice and close, Cam made her feel protected and Jake surprised Georgia with his dance moves.

In the end, Georgia chose mystery man number two, Cam, as the winner and they left the group for some alone time together.

At the cocktail party, Lee surprised Georgia with a collection of cocktails made especially for her. In a nod to their shared passion for travel, Lee’s cocktails were inspired by destinations all over the world.

Jake told her he wanted to read out loud his love letter from the group date so she would know he meant every word. This sweet gesture was well received by Georgia.

At the rose ceremony, a teary Georgia farewelled Clancy from the mansion.  On leaving the mansion, Clancy said: “Of course I would have loved to receive a rose tonight, but if Georgia had a stronger connection with the other guys, then I think she needs to pursue that.”


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