Sunday Night October 16

This weekend Sunday Night has a wide range of topics to cover.

He’s Back
From Mad Max to Hollywood outcast, Mel Gibson’s life on and off the big screen has been a wild ride. Along the way he’s picked up two Oscars, earned a pile of cash and attracted a bucket load of bad publicity. But there’s no doubting that Mel is a survivor, overcoming scandals that would have destroyed the careers of just about anyone else in Tinsel Town. On Sunday Night, in an exclusive interview with Mike Willesee, the award winning actor- director speaks from the heart about his breakdowns, his break ups and his struggle with sobriety.

Class War
It’s highly controversial and it’s dividing schools around the country. The ‘Safe Schools’ program is promoted as the answer to schoolyard bullying and discrimination. But it’s critics, and there are many, warn it’s only pushing an extreme left-wing ideology. As PJ Madam discovers, children as young as five are being exposed to sexual material designed to increase their acceptance of homosexual and transgender kids. But how young is too young?

Towering Ambition
They’re two-years in the making but the results are nothing short of spectacular. Human towers that reach dizzying heights when teams of more than 100 men, women and children climb on top of each other to create a living skyscraper. It’s a celebration of strength, courage and most of all, balance. And the highlight – when the smallest child in the team clambers to the summit. This year, Sunday Night’s Denham Hitchcock put his body on the line to take part in this death-defying feat.

Sunday at 8.15pm on Seven.