The Summit Power Play Sees A Treker Taken Out

The Summit Power Play Sees A Treker Taken Out

The climb to the summit is now well underway. The group have made it to a checkpoint – and have the opportunity to steal someone’s cash. The self-described ‘capable three’ – Gemma, Jans and Sam – are gunning for Isaac – but when Sam reveals he has immunity, and that the three of them lied about this – the group turns on the trio and Gemma is sent packing. Gemma’s departure marks a shift in dynamics among the group: with ex-Olympic aerial skier Jacqui stepping up as leader.

The next morning – the hikers must get back to the task at hand: getting to the summit, and importantly making up their lost time. But in their path lies their biggest test so far: an icy ascent up and over a snow-capped ridge. For crump dancer Annikki, nerves get the better of her as she experiences walking in the snow for the first time. But for Jacqui – hiking in the snow is her bread and butter and she powers up the mountain with ease.

But what goes up, must come down – and as the euphoria of making it to the ridge wears off, cracks start to emerge as the group makes their descent. Jacqui, who was strong on the way up, begins to express concerns about past injuries on the way down and opts for a slow and safe pace as a safety measure. But when Brooke almost slides into the back of her, what emerges is the very beginnings of a conflict that will play out with huge consequences.

As the group continues further down the mountain, they still haven’t made up any time and Jacqui’s injury concerns aren’t going away. Presented with the possibility of stopping for the night and resting at one of the makeshift campsites along the trail – Jacqui asserts her new-found dominance among the group and they agree they will continue the hike in the morning.

At camp, the group’s mood has been dulled by their decision to pull up stumps early. But more concerning is the conflict between Jacqui and Brooke, which continues to heat up when words are exchanged over a burnt shoelace. When Jacqui clumsily tries to extinguish Brooke’s singed lace, Brooke does not respond well, and swears at Jacqui while putting out the fire herself. Furious at Brooke’s outburst, Jacqui vows to remove Brooke at the next opportunity. And when Brooke’s apology to Jacqui is disregarded, Brooke is left helpless and alone.

So when Jai turns up – and the Mountain’s Keeper drops a yellow duffle bag – Brooke surprises the group by running to get it on her own. Jacqui is left stunned – but she’s not the only one concerned about what could be in that bag – Sam has been laying low all day after having immunity at the checkpoint the day before, and Annikki’s physical weakness was on full display on the way up. As Brooke returns to the group she reveals that the power is in her hands to remove someone from the mountain along with their cash. And with little hesitation, she sends Jacqui packing, leaving the group shocked and signalling Brooke’s rise as a power player and force to be reckoned with on this mountain.


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