Five Bedrooms Season 4 Review

Five Bedrooms Season 4 Review

This weekend, Paramount+ opened the doors on a new season of the beloved Five Bedrooms.

When we last saw our favourite housemates at the end of season 3 last year, Ainsley (Kate Robertson) and Simmo (Johnny Carr) had decided not to get married, Ben (Stephen Peacocke) had lost Heater (Doris Youane) who had moved on with Ed (Bert LaBonté), Liz (Kat Stewart) had reconnected with ex-husband Stuart (Rodger Corser) but had also had a one-night-stand with friend Geri (Maia Thomas), the woman who Harry (Roy Joseph) was considering parenthood with.

Only a few weeks have passed since season 4 kicks off, and Harry is hosting a 70th birthday party for Manju (Kumud Merani). The night goes relatively well until Ainsley mentions that Harry was considering fathering a child with Geri and Sam (Laila Thaker). It’s the start of another fracture in the complex relationship between mother and son. But it’s the later bombshell of Manju having cancer that really changes everything.

Meanwhile Liz is yet to reveal her indiscretion to Stewart, and just when she works up the courage to do so, Manju’s diagnosis means her ticking time bomb stays on the ice for a little longer. But secrets like this rarely stay secret for long.

Ben shocks the entire house when it is revealed that he is dating single-mother Mel (Kate Jenkinson), a blast from the past for everyone that draws viscerally negative reactions from every housemate.

Elsewhere, Heather and Ed’s relationship is going from strength to strength, a terrifying prospect for someone who didn’t think she could have the dream of a fulfilling career and a relationship with a man who truly sees her.

And Ainsley and Simmo are in cruise control, but unexpected news brings a life-changing windfall

Michael Lucas and Christine Bartlett and the whole team have perfected the scripts which are full of highs and lows in the first three episodes available for review, allowing for everyone to have standout performances.

One of Australia’s best dramas continues to excel as each season progresses, and it’s great to be back with our favourite housemates.

5 Stars

The first three episodes of Five Bedrooms drop May 14 on Paramount+ with a new episode weekly until June 18.


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