The Summit Issac faces his fears

The Summit Issac faces his fears

The group have fallen a day behind. The remaining 10 hikers have just 7 days left to get to the Summit with $785,000 left in prize money on their backs.

The group must complete a brutal hike across jaw dropping ravines, slippery dense bushland and abseil down a subzero waterfall if they are to make Checkpoint 3 by sundown.

At the first obstacle, the group must crawl across a terrifying ravine on two ropes face down. Phillip, feeling the need to step up, volunteers to lead and in the process overcomes his fear of heights and proves himself to the group.  Annikki slows the group down exposing herself further as one of the weaker members.  Unexpectedly, two of the strongest hikers Sam and Alex also struggle with the crossing, as it becomes clear physical strength is not always an advantage. Alex, who is carrying the group’s bag of stolen cash, is haunted by his old footy injuries but pushes through to make it to the other side.   During the last crossing Jans gets a surprise visit by the Mountain’s keeper. In typical cocky Jans form he taunts her which will later have dire consequences for the group. 

Fitness-obsessed Sam becomes increasingly frustrated and angry during the slippery, wet hike to the waterfall, as the slower members of the group struggle with the terrain. Sam driven by his ego, forgets the plan for him to bookend the group which doesn’t go unnoticed by team player Alex.

The group soon hit a treacherous waterfall, where the remote location and the subzero temperature start to dial up the physical danger.  Annikki struggles yet again. Isaac remembers a past abseiling accident and is frozen in fear at the top of the falls, increasing the risk of hyperthermia for everyone else who made it to the bottom.  Josh reveals a ruthless side urging the group to cut Isaac lose from the game. Alex finally convinces Isaac to attempt the decent, Isaac does but is visibly shaken from the experience and, once at the bottom, declares he wants to leave the mountain.  

On the hike to the checkpoint Isaac, warmed by his friendship with Alex resolves he wants to stay. Isaac needs to prove himself to his mob back home and the money would be life changing not only for him but for his large family.  Isaac must now convince the group he has what it takes to make it to The Summit. In an emotion charged checkpoint, the group vote to send Annikki home, and Isaac survives another day on the mountain.   The following morning the group soon learn the consequences of taunting the Mountains Keeper.  She’s not happy and she’s on route to chase them down.


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