Farmers Brad and Brenton end their journey

Farmers Brad and Brenton end their journey

The remaining two farmers, Brad and Brenton, found their happily ever after in tonight’s Farmer Wants A Wife

The remaining two farmers, Brad and Brenton, found their happily ever after in tonight’s Farmer Wants A Wife on Channel 7 and 7plus.

The farmers headed to the hometowns of their ladies for one last chance to connect with them and meet their families before they made their final decisions.

Farmer Brad was vetted by Morgan’s family at their home in Newcastle, NSW, where her mother Angie said: “I can just tell by looking at her that she’s happy, which is great. But I wanted to see how they were going to make their relationship work.”

An afternoon with Sophie’s parents and her two grannies in Victoria’s Hamilton did not allay Brenton’s fears about a future with her. Sophie’s mum, Robyn, confirmed his fears: “It’s all bells and whistles at the moment but to be married to a farmer, it’s a different world. Reality will set in.”

Having seen how close-knit Clare’s family was in Tamworth, NSW, Farmer Brad wasn’t sure if her feelings for him were strong enough against the pull of her family. “Clare’s family’s quite nervous about her moving to the farm. It plays on my mind about falling in love again and it not working. My biggest fear is being heartbroken again,” he said.

Farmer Brenton arrived in Rachel’s hometown, Perth, with one concern: “I can definitely see a future with Rachel, but she hasn’t told me how she feels and it definitely is weighing in the back of my mind.”

Reaching the final decision was harder for Farmer Brenton than he thought. “It’s horrible to make someone feel like that. To actually break a girl’s heart. I’ve never been in that position before,” a teary-eyed Brenton said after telling Rachel that she wasn’t the one.

He then confessed to Sophie: “I’ve never felt like this with anyone, and we’ve so many memories and I can’t wait to take you back to the farm. You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met. I’m falling in love with you.”

After friend-zoning Morgan, Farmer Brad declared his love for Clare: “We’re cut from the same cloth. We love each other. Let’s make it work. Pack your horses, pack your dogs


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