The Rush is felt in India

The Rush is felt in India

Team Navy, Team Gold and Team Scarlet have been dropped within the sacred city of Pushkar, India where thousands have gathered to celebrate the chaotic and colourful Holi Festival. Rich in heritage, this centuries old cultural tradition marks the arrival of Spring and the triumph of good over evil.

Teams need to rely on taxis, trains and tuk-tuks to help navigate their way across India and complete their missions. Unbeknownst to Team Gold, CK is unable to join them due to personal reasons but with CK missing, the budding romance between Lola and Saxon starts to blossom. With Madi gone, Team Navy have found their groove and are in their element. Following their success in Jordan, Team Scarlet are working well with one another despite Adam’s constant whinging.

The teams first mission is a race to a traditional Hindu wedding which is being held at the centuries old Samode Palace. To get inside they’ll need to dress the part in traditional Indian wedding attire…which means, they’ll need to go shopping. Team Scarlet and Team Navy manage to find a bargain for their outfits, while Team Gold spends more than half their budget on their garments and are then forced to wait more than an hour for their alterations.

First to arrive at the wedding is Team Scarlet who immediately take in the cultural grandeur of the celebration. The wedding is a spectacular sight and part of their mission is to take a selfie with both the bride and groom, and then check-in for the night. Team Scarlet finish first with Team Navy following not far behind. Meanwhile, Saxon and Lola from Team Gold are left waiting for their clothing alterations questioning whether their emotions have got the better of them in this competition.

On the final day in India, and with eliminations on the line, the teams are racing to their last mission; they must travel 370 kilometres west to the town of Deshnoke, where they’ll find the Karni Mata Temple. This is a holy place and teams must walk into the centre of the temple and make an offering to the locals who live there. What the teams don’t realise is the locals receiving these offerings are the 25,000 rats that live inside. Team Scarlet maintain their lead arriving first, while Team Navy aren’t far behind. Team Gold are struggling, having had to start the day later than everyone else. Once the offerings are made and the mission is complete, Team Scarlet manages to find a taxi and make their way to the Escape Zone located at the Gajner Palace. In a nail biting finish Team Navy and Team Gold struggle to secure transport, but eventually Team Navy prevails and slide into second position. Team Gold finally make their way to the Escape Zone but are in last place. With CK absent, it won’t go to a vote, instead the decision will come down to chance – Rush Roulette. Saxon picks the red flare and unfortunately his adventure ends there . Saxon and Lola say their goodbyes, and although Lola is sad to see Saxon go, Rush Roulette is the wake up call she needed to put everything into winning the competition and leave her feelings for him behind


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