The Real Housewives of Sydney Gets October launch on Binge

The Real Housewives of Sydney Gets October launch on Binge

Today, BINGE released the official trailer for the new reimagined edition of The Real Housewives of Sydney giving fans a sneak peak of the glamorous Housewives that will take over screens in the highly anticipated 10-part BINGE original series.

The seven Housewives who feature on this series are:

CAROLINE GAULTIER – Caroline is a forward-thinking and kind-hearted soul. Born in Prague, Caroline has called Tokyo, Byron Bay and now Sydney’s Bondi Beach her home. While living and working in Japan, Caroline studied for a degree in Philosophy at university. After her divorce, Caroline chose to focus on raising her two daughters, having fun with her girlfriends, and becoming even more fabulous. Caroline finds joy in deep talk with anyone from her best friends to intelligent strangers and always embraces life. While many choose to settle down to a comfortable life in the eastern suburbs, Caroline is jetting off to alternative wellness retreats in Tulum or Nevada’s Burning Man festival. Caroline readily admits that vanity is her driving force in life and that she’s focused on looking, and feeling, the best version of herself. Caroline defies stereotypes and imparts her own brand of wisdom, radiating positivity wherever she goes.

DR KATE ADAMS – Dr Kate is a trailblazer in her late 30s with an inspiring professional track record. Entirely self-made, Kate is a savvy entrepreneur who ventured into startups before selling to focus on her pet project and globally famous practice, Bondi Vet Hospital. Kate’s no-nonsense attitude is only equalled by her well-curated closet of designer clothing. Engaged twice, she is currently flying solo, happily exploring the dating scene with all its swiping and dining. A fearless and frank Aries, Kate remains open to love while unbothered by any intimidation her confidence, looks, or success may cause. Kate loves her friends, her cats, and her independence and is living her best life on her own terms.

KRISSY MARSH – No stranger to The Real Housewives, Krissy is back for her second season. With a diverse career that spans the catwalk, business and charity, the fun yet fierce mother of three always brings the energy. Alongside her husband Johnny, Krissy has created a #blessed life for their family in Double Bay. The statuesque beauty is confident and captivating in any situation, but beneath her capable and independent exterior, Krissy finds true contentment in entertaining or cooking for loved ones. With her big heart and larger-than-life personality, Krissy is far from a wallflower and will surprise you with her quick-wit and shock you with her double entendres. Bursting with energy and humour, Krissy always leaves a lasting impression. Down to earth, this real housewife can be found anywhere from Catalina for cocktails to her garden scrubbing the family’s turtle, Terry, with a toothbrush.

NICOLE O’NEIL – Nicole embodies culture and classic beauty. With a captivating blend of Swedish and Lebanese heritage, Nicole’s poise and good manners reflect a diverse and privileged upbringing. Despite being among the youngest in the social circle, Nicole can appear mature beyond her years having tied the knot with her soulmate Adam at a young age. The former Miss Australia has lived all over the globe, but now her two daughters are her world. Accustomed to the finer things in life, Nicole has a glowing reputation for throwing extravagant dinner parties. Despite being a vision of grace and running the house to an effortless degree of military precision, Nicole will always find time to get together with her friends or dance in a TikTok video with her daughters.

SALLY OBERMEDER – Sally’s not new to TV having started her career as a reporter and host – now the wife and mother of two young girls is back. Juggling the daily commitments of family and work, Sally has bounced back with purpose after life took an unexpected turn and she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Vowing to give back, she now helps countless people with their health, and alongside her sister Maha and CEO husband, she owns the thriving wellness brand, Swiish. Living each day to the fullest, Sally keeps physically and socially active in the bustling beachside suburbs of Sydney. Not one to rock the boat, Sally’s friends cherish her calm wisdom and infectious belly laugh to pick up the mood whenever drama gets them down.

TERRY BIVIANO – Hailing from a big, Italian, close-knit family, Terry’s love of fashion and business led her to build an internationally successful shoe empire. Terry is a true socialite; exuding infectious energy, a natural connector of friends, she’s effortlessly charming and always the life of the party. A creative at heart, Terry built her shoe label up to towering heights until she chose to focus on raising her beloved, pocket rocket Azura, now 9 years old. While she may not be a whiz in the kitchen, Terry’s love for her husband, retired NRL star Anthony Minichiello, and their daughter, is immeasurable. A celebrated ladies lunch hostess, Terry is no stranger to champagne flutes and caviar bumps, but it’s her signature drink, the TBomb, that is the fresh sip that matches her zesty spark!

VICTORIA MONTANO – Meet Victoria, owner of luxury sport brand fashion label, Sport Luxe, passionate fashionista, personal stylist, wife, and mother of two. With a background in Real Estate, PR, marketing and events, Victoria knows how to run life and has the looks to match. With a mix of Greek and Italian heritage, Victoria worships the sun and has a passion for adrenaline-pumping sports like heliskiing and show jumping. Victoria is the modern woman: driven, stylish, adventurous and keeps everyone on their toes with her dry wit and clever one-liners. If you can’t find her in the eastern suburbs or the south of France you’ll find her in her stables with her number one ride, a gelding named Malcolm.

From Tuesday 10 October, seven fabulous and formidable women will bring viewers into their lavish lives with new episodes dropping every Tuesday.


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