The Race Heats Up And Takes Denyer Down

The Race Heats Up And Takes Denyer Down

In India’s city of love, Agra, our celebrities faced extreme heat and a monsoon event as they raced to win $100,000 for their chosen charity. But it was Grant Denyer’s medical emergency on tonight’s emotional episode of The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition that had Australia shook.

After a bus ride (side note: Grant was 12 the last time he was a backseat bandit. Oh how the other half live) from New Delhi, teams had to deliver office workers their traditional chai tea. With no google maps to help, the celebs had to rely solely on the help of the locals. The tricky thing was, some locals were just a little too eager to help, not worrying whether the help they were giving was correct.

At the Detour teams chose between washing laundry in the Yamuna River or creating fire bricks from an abundant natural source… cow dung.

At poop town, Pam was up sh!t creek with big bro George once again dishing up some tough love to his baby sister. It was a Code Brown for germaphobe sisters Bec Judd and Kate Twigley. After deciding against the laundry option because they didn’t want to touch river water, the bomb dropped when they realised the number two option would see them elbow deep in cow dung, sans gloves. Grant Denyer was hoping his Gold Logie would get him out of the crappy job at hand, but alas, it was poop hands all the way.

At everyone’s favourite celebrity run, river based, laundromat, a monsoon blew in to make the task that much harder. Alli and Angie finished first, but realised they forgot their bags at the tea shop and had no option but to go back to fetch them. Mum of six, Jana Pitman knew a thing or two about getting stains out, passing the challenge in the first go.

At the Intersection, two teams paired up to attempt a complicated Bollywood dance routine. Harry and Teddy were worried there would not be enough WD40 to loosen up their hips but that was the least of their worries after 16 year old Cor threw his toys out of the cot.

Alli and Angie were thrilled when former Wiggle, Emma and Hayley were paired with them, creating the new all girl dance troupe, Masala Spice Girls. Nailing it after their first attempt, the Masala Spice Girls were in the lead.

After many, many, many (did we mention, many?) attempts, Jana used her Mumma powers to calm Cor down, finally managing to complete the challenge, much to Harry and Teddy’s delight.

George, Pam, Bec and Kate knew their eight left feet were not going to help them now, so strategist George convinced the others that taking a time penalty would be a better option.

He may have won Dancing With The Stars twice, but he never did it in 45 degree heat. After successfully completing the dance routine, Grant Denyer succumbed to the heat with medics called in immediately. Despite his very worried wife giving him a talking to, and even after going in and out of consciousness, Grant never lost his humour, telling the medic his name was Larry Emdur.

While Grant continued to receive medical attention, teams raced to the Taj Mahal where Beau was waiting at the Pit Stop. Emma and Hayley were the first team to check in, followed by Alli and Angie.

Peter Rowsthorn and Frankie were the second last team to arrive at the Taj Mahal. With Grant and Chezzi still missing, Beau took the mat to them, knowing they would never give up until their feet were planted on the carpet. In an emotional goodbye, Grant and Chezzi were officially last to arrive. After some tears and laughs, Grant worryingly collapsed on to the mat and was taken to hospital, but rest assured, Australia’s happiest host made a full recovery and no longer thinks he is Larry Emdur.


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