Love Triangle Season 2 Review

Love Triangle Season 2 Review

Today, Stan begins a new season of Love Triangle

For those who slept on the first season, Love Triangle challenges a group of singles to relinquish their grasp on what they *think* their perfect partner should look like, and instead choose from two potential suitors, sigh unseen, inspired by a deeper connection. Once they date their first pick, they move in together and build on the connection they’ve formed, until the rejected suitor reappears and moves in too.

This season sees six fresh faces begin their quest for love, including the charismatic sparky Alan, who is often mistakenly perceived as an ‘f-boy’ but the reality couldn’t be further from the truth, resulting in him putting up walls; and pansexual Jacinta who has been in relationships with both men and women, but hasn’t dated a man in over four years.

Then there’s self-assured and confident Sam who lives in the remote town of Broome and isn’t against flying to or flying women in to see him from interstate, or even internationally; and London-born model and content creator Tamera, who has been single for five years and is ready to meet the one, as long as they are at least 6’5” and not a millimetre less.

And rounding out the group is Nellie, who is full of life but with a long list of dating disasters and so is looking for someone to adore her; and finally ultra-likeable bachelor Sulei, a hugely social being who is deeply family orientated.

The first two episodes are compelling television as all six of the singles try to find their connections. There are ups, some very bad banter, hilarious flirting, awkward dates, and hopefully the beginning of some love stories.

If you’re looking for something to fill the Love Island or Married At First Sight void, then Love Triangle is the show you’re looking for.

4 Stars

The first two episodes of Love Triangle are now available on Stan, with a new episode every Thursday.


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