‘The Project’s’ Carrie Bickmore Emotional over Brain Cancer Story

Carrie Bickmore became emotional in last night’s episode of The Project after talking about brain cancer during a segment.

Bickmore’s husband Greg Lange died of the disease in 2010. Last night, a story about finding a cure for the fatal type of cancer within 10-years prompted Carrie to share her personal experience.

“I don’t think people realise the mental and physical impact that it has on people, on patients, over a long period of time as the disease progresses,” Bickmore said on the Channel 10 program.

Bickmore was reduced to tears while describing the situation, with co-host Charlie Pickering comforting her as she continued.

It’s not the first time Bickmore has been reduced to tears. She broke down earlier this week during a story on the deaths of two sleeping children through Carbon Monoxide poisoning, and last year during a story about a woman living out her final months with terminal cancer.

Bickmore’s emotional reactions to these stories provides a depth that resonates with viewers, but she is also well known for some of her on-air blunders, like falling over during a live cross.

You can watch the video at AdelaideNow.