The Project speaks to Julian Assange tonight

Tonight’s episode of The Project is going to be unmissable television.

In a television exclusive, The Project presenter Waleed Aly speaks to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London about the latest developments in his on-going fight for freedom.  


With the news last week of outgoing President Obama granting whistle-blower Chelsea Manning a Presidential pardon, speculation mounts that Assange will keep his promise to finally leave the embassy and accept extradition to the United States.


In this wide-ranging interview with no topic off limits, Assange talks about when he will leave the embassy but insists he’s ‘not an idiot’ and details what is needed for him to walk.


Assange also responds to claims it was his campaign that cost Hillary Clinton the U.S. election and that Russian sources used WikiLeaks to ensure Donald Trump’s success. 

 The Project airs 6:30 pm Tonight on Ten